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E3 2017 Day 3 – Ubisoft Conference: Mario + Rabbids, Far Cry 5, Beyond Good & Evil 2

Mario + Rabbids Revealed

In an odd turn, it looks like Ubiosft’s Rabbids have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. The game looks to be a tactical kind of game similar to the XCOM games, but with Rabbids and Mario characters. This is a pretty cool take on both franchises, you’ll be able to pick it up on the Switch August 29th. You can see the announcement trailer here and see some of the gameplay here.


The Crew 2 Adds New Vehicles

Another shiny racing game is on the way. This time around The Crew 2 will feature planes as well as dirt bikes and cars. You can see the new trailer here and see some gameplay here, expect it early 2018.


Transference, A Creepy VR Game

There’s a VR game on the way that looks a bit creepy and strange. It looks to be a psychological thriller kind of game, I really like the logo and general aesthetic it has. The trailer also starred Elijah Wood which is also pretty interesting. We didn’t learn much about it, but hopefully we see more from it soon. You can see the trippy trailer here.


Skull & Bones Looks Like The True Pirate Experience

Want Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but without the assassins? This might be your best bet it seems. Skull & Bones looks like it’s using a lot of the pirate stuff from Black Flag and using it to create an experience solely on pirate life. The PVP battle it showed looked very exciting, but the devs have stated that there will be a lot more to it than PVP ship battles. You can catch the trailer here and the gameplay here.


Starlink, Or As The Internet Dubbed It, No Man’s Skylanders

No Man’s Skylanders should tell you everything about this game. It’s a space shooter that uses physical figures to put into the game. The game definitely looks more action packed than No Man’s Sky is though, which is definitely a positive. You can catch the trailer for it here.


More Gameplay Of Far Cry 5

At E3 we got to see more gameplay of Far Cry 5, and it looks pretty great. It showcased the player creeping up on some enemies and we got a peek at two possible allies, one being a dog. The game is beautiful and looks just as fun as the series’ previous two titles. You can catch the gameplay here.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 FINALLY Revealed

After much anticipation, Ubisoft have finally revealed a follow up to their 2003 classic, Beyond Good And Evil. Ubisoft gave us a really well made CGI trailer for the game, introducing us to a few of the game’s characters like Knox (who was really obnoxious and annoying to me, personally) and Zhou Yuzhu. The game is actually a prequel to the original game, before Jade was born. You can see the beautiful trailer here.


A pretty good show with a HUGE reveal at the end. Do you think Ubisoft did a good job with their conference? Let us know below!

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