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E3 2017 Day 2 – Bethesda Conference: Bethesda’s VR Ports, Evil Within 2, New Wolfenstein

Bethesda had a somewhat weak conference, focusing the first half of it on VR versions of Fallout 4, Doom, and Skyrim on the Switch. They did announce some pretty big things at the end though, let me give you the recap.

Fallout 4 VR Announced

For those interested in VR, Bethesda has some new VR ports for you to venture through. One of which being the expansive world of Fallout 4. I imagine this will be a must get for VR owners. You can see the trailer for it here.


Doom VR Announced

Along with Fallout 4’s VR being announced, we also got a VR port of Doom. Doom was an absolutely fantastic FPS, it’ll be interesting to see how it’s adapted to VR. You can check out the trailer for that here.


The Evil Within 2 Is Back To Terrify You Again

The first Evil Within was a great return to survival horror games similar to the classic Resident Evil titles. Fans will be delighted/horrified to know that a sequel is in the works and it looks just as terrifying if not more. At the Bethesda conference, the team revealed a trailer for the upcoming gorefest and its cover art, which I really like. You can check out the announcement trailer here. You’ll be able to get your hands on it Friday the 13th of October.


Bethesda Reveals Standalone Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

Another Dishonored game is on the way, although it looks like it will be a smaller addition to the series. Death Of The Outsider will star the notorious Billie Lurk and reunites her with her mentor Daud. Again, it will be standalone, so you won’t need to own Dishonored 1 or 2 to play this, though I’m sure you’ll want to get into them to understand the fantastic lore and world of Dishonored. You can see the trailer here and you’ll be able to get the game September 15th.


Wolfenstein Is Back Again To Kick More Nazi Ass

Long-running FPS classic Wolfenstein returned to E3 with an epic trailer giving us elements of the story and telling us where BJ Blazkowicz has been. The return of Wolfenstein was hailed with critical acclaim in the reboot’s last two titles, so let’s hope this one titled, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, will carry on the series’ stellar track record. You can see the trailer for it here and it releases October 27th.


While short, the Bethesda conference still managed to cause a bit of excitement with the last half of the show.  My favorite part of the conference is the fact that everything they announced is coming this year, which is fantastic.

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