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E3 2016: Electronic Arts Conference Review

E3 2016: Electronic Arts Conference Review

E3 2016: Electronic Arts Conference Review

Written By: Mellow Marketer

Every June is usually a cause for celebration in the tech, geek and gaming communities. The leading publishers in the gaming industry all meet under one roof in Los Angeles, California for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, that is otherwise known as E3. For one week, the leaders of triple-A gaming announce, present and demo their their upcoming software, hardware and new features for the coming year and beyond. Who will come out on top as the best in the industry? Welcome to FanBros’ 2016 E3 Coverage!

If there’s ever one conference of E3 I look forward to just to enjoy a belly-laugh of pure awkwardness and tone-deaf idealism of what their fans want. Here’s the best example of this from E3’s 2015 conference with the “Hoop God” and every cringe that came with it. The lake of audience applause, the ridiculous name, the feel of a corporate cog turning his hat backwards to seem cool enough to sell candy to these “hippity-hop” kids.

It’s clear that Electronic Arts(EA) is the most “corporate” of the companies every year. Their lineup usually has a sense of “the spreadsheets said we should build this by this date” that is blaringly obvious, but also adds a usual “fan service” announcement to keep them relevant. But, that fan service can be pretty sweet sometimes. Some conferences will give you a Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars: Battlefront or Dragon Age.

Let’s take a look at what Electronic Arts has to offer us this year:

Titanfall 2:

While not a surprise, the new features included in the game have raised this to one of the most wanted games on my list this year. Newest features include:

• Single Player Campaign – The original seemed to be sorely lacking this(in this writer’s opinion). We will now have a fully-explained world, Titans with a surprising A.I. personality and even introducing new wild, animal-based character types.
• Available on PS4, XBox One & PC – Sony is now officially a part of the party and will be joining this fall with the same launch date as their peers.
• Multiplayer Beta – This will be available on all platforms. Sign up Here and if I see you in my squad, don’t slack when the Titans drop!

3 Star Wars Games:

EA is taking advantage of having the license of Star Wars, and why shouldn’t they? Considering Disney’s(who have decided to not attend E3 after canceling their Infinity line) track record for games, I think we’re all the better for it. So, in the trailer above, it looks like we have 3 unofficial projects:
• Star Wars: Battlefront continuation – Considering that the info leaked that 2015’s game was a rushed, unfinished release to coincide with The Force Awaken’s release, this could be a mixed bag. It seems like the developers can finally finish what they started, but will EA choose greed and make this a new, full release or will it be a cheaper expansion for the previous game?
• 3rd-Person Shooter – Of the three, this definitely looks most promising. After the unfortunate loss of Star Wars 1313 two years ago due to the Disney contract, this is definitely a step back in the right direction(hopefully). Visceral Games(with the help of former Uncharted director, Amy Henning) are on the path to bring us a new adventure that seems to be set before the newest film trilogy.
• VR Game – It looks like Criterion(makers of the Burnout series) and DICE are teamed up to bring one of the most exciting VR experiences, yet. There has been a tech demo featuring the franchise floating around at most gaming conventions for over a year.

Mass Effect: Andromeda:

This series is my personal favorite game series. So, I will be honest: I’m pretty unimpressed. We were given the same speech of “new species and new worlds” that we receive every conference featuring EA and Bioware. And the video above still looks like more of the same, which is unfortunate when considering the developer was once known as the king/most innovative of it’s genre. We shall continue to wait and see.

Sports Titles:

EA’s bread and butter has always been sports titles. While having the very public, famous loss of competing NBA franchises (NBA Live was decimated two years in a row by the NBA 2K series), they have maintained high numbers with their FIFA franchise and exclusive NFL rights in Madden:

• Madden 2017 – The series will be adding a new commentary and camera system.
• FIFA 2017 – The series will be adding new offensive techniques and a story mode.
Battlefield 1:

This is a pretty clever move. By building an alternate universe version of WW1(a previously untouched war in video game history), it opens the doors for original story and gameplay that can seem both familiar and sci-fi.

• Upgraded physics – While the series has always been known for it’s destruction physics with the ability to destroy your environment in the middle of combat, we’re now also getting a random weather feature that can change the rules of the map mid-gameplay.

In conclusion, this conference felt more of the same and will more than likely will be the easiest to forget by the end of the week. It may not even be the most memorable conference today. Time will tell how it will fair against the rest, but with all of their major releases already announced weeks prior to the show, this was a fairly quiet intro into what we can look forward to in 4th Quarter 2016.

Rating: 2.5/5