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Kick the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z Sneakers From Adidas Coming This Fall!

Online retailer Yeezy Mafia made news throughout the tail end of 2017 with the announcement of a line of sneakers dedicated to Dragon Ball Z. The one-of-a-kind footwear look to pay homage to some of Dragon Ball Z’s more intense moments, while remaining true to the characters’ unique styles. Scheduled to release in the Fall of 2018, seven pairs of shoes will be arriving, each thematically linked to one of series’ major players.

While the footwear has been re-designed to fit into the world of Dragon Ball Z, sneakerheads in the know may recognize some of Adidas’ trademark designs outside of the color palettes. All upcoming sneakers are based on ‘older’ models. For example, the ‘Son Goku’ is simply the ZX 500 RM, with a more ‘Toriyama-friendly’ vibe, while the ‘Friezas’ are a re-skinned Yung-1. Popular site, Hypebeast, revealed all seven pairs of shoes in the line, each to come with a figurine of the character of your choosing. Should the line prove successful, other designs are rumored to include Yajirobe, Mr.Popo, and others.  No matter the decision, Adidas has your feet covered starting this Fall. Now, if only Curvy Geeky Fangirl could curate 7 matching outfits we’re in business!

Disclaimer: All release dates are subject to change. The ‘Gohan’ style Deerupt pictured is only a model, the actually color will match Gohan’s gi during the Cell Games Saga.

Son Goku (ZX 500 RM) Scheduled release: August 2018

Frieza (Yung 1) Scheduled release: August 2018

Super Saiyan Vegeta (Ultra Tech) Scheduled release: September 2018

Cell (Prophere) Scheduled release: September 2018

Gohan (Deerupt) Scheduled release: November 2018

Majin Buu (Kamanda) Schedule release: November 2018

Shenron (EQT ADV Mid) Release date: December 2018

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