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Dr. Easy is the story of Michael, a broken man with a gun. He is surrounded by armed police. A robot with medical training is dispatched to negotiate – but can it save him?
Dr. Easy is a prologue for a planned feature adaptation of ‘The Red Men’.
Written and directed by Jason Groves, Richard Kenworthy and Christopher Harding
Produced by Ally Gipps for Warp Films
Based on the novel ‘The Red Men’ by Matthew De Abaitua

Kicking off a new feature on the site with this short film Dr. Easy. Dr. Easy tells the story of a man who has grown fed up with the lot he’s been given in life and has decided to take what he thinks is the only way out. Dr. Easy is the medical robot that is dispatched ahead of the police to try and convince the man that he needs help. Well shot and directed with an ambiguous ending, I definitely would like to see more from the team that made this movie. If you like what you see check out their website www.created-to-help-you.com for more information and to keep up with when the full film will be released.