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The Dexter Season Premier Episode (Fan Bros Show)

Dexter Season Premier



The Dexter Season Premier episode with another great moment from Chico Leo, before we can even to break down the Dexter season premier Chico argues why R. Kelly should play the Master Chief in the Halo movie, plus we tell you why you should be watching Defiance & whether or not True Blood is ever going to get better. Spoiler alert: Probably not. We also announce the winners of last week’s contest, and we set it off with another contest for two Dexter Season Seven gift bags.  Hit the break for the rules of the contest, plus to find out if you won last week.




1. Adrian Eufracio

2. Isiah Brazil

3. Josanna

4. Ben Cali

5. Gilberto Serrano



The rules for this contest are pretty simple, just leave a comment below or on our Itunes page with your personal code of conduct ala Dexter. Basically who would you kill and why if you were a serial killer with a conscience? The top two best entries will win! This contest will run until next Wednesday at 12 am.