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X-Force Assemble in Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer!

“From the studio brought you 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada…” Just in time for its May 18 debut, the latest Deadpool 2 trailer showcases Wade Wilson’s own super-team. The role of Josh Brolin‘s Cable has been expanded on as well. Deadpool and Cable have never seen eye-to-eye classically, and this time the two clash over the fate of mutant child. Fans of the X-Men comic may even draw parallels to 2007’s “Messiah Complex” event, with a slight twist with regard to Cable’s part. Spurred on by Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) Deadpool enlists X-Force to put a stop to the time traveler’s plans.

Tim Miller directed the first film for 20th Century Fox but this time around, stuntman-turned-director, David Leitch will take over in the director’s chair. Not only is the action set to be over the top, but fans of the original Deadpool should expect more of the same satirical and self-referential humor. The trailer opens on a Raiders of the Lost Ark gag and makes several references to its own franchise throughout. Speaking of which, the X-Mansion may be as empty as ever, but there are still plenty of mutants in Deadpool 2. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are back along with Shatterstar, Domino, and newcomer Shioli Kutsuna playing who many assume is “New X-Men” character Surge. Terry Crews will be playing Bedlam, another member of X-Force from the Marvel Comics series.

Doing the right thing is messy. Deadpool 2 releases May 18th and stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, Blade: Trinity), Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men, Avengers: Infinity War), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Geostorm), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Everybody Hates Chris), Morena Baccarin (Firefly, GothamBrianna Hildebrand (The Exorcist, Tragedy GirlsKaran Soni (Office Christmas Party, The Goldbergs), Leslie Uggams (Nurse Jackie, Empire) T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Cloverfield) Shioli Kutsuna (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Xenoblade Chronicles) Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Shopping) and Bill Skarsgard (It, Atomic Blonde)

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