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Dead By Daylight – SAW DLC Review

Dead By Daylight has the advantage of having a system that adds strategy to the whole killer versus survivor formula. With RPG style skillsets and abilities for both killer and survivor, each match will differ based upon the experience level of those in the match. Now that developer Behavior Interactive has the unique advantage of horror movie licensed killers (and survivors for that matter), death dealers like Amanda Young aka The Pig from the first SAW movie comes to shake things up a bit.

In case you don’t know the Dead By Daylight formula, here it is. Four survivors are expected to repair 4 engines that power spotlights. Once that is done, they can escape by flipping a switch at one of two different locations on the map or by finding an escape hatch that randomly appears as well. The killer is expected to prevent them from doing so by wounding them and placing them on sacrificial hooks offering them up to some evil entity with creepy spiderlike claws. Most killers emit an aura of terror that causes the survivor’s heartbeat to quicken when they get close. That is a way they can detect where the killer is. The killer on the other hand must use visual and audio cues to locate their prey.

The Pig is probably one of the more unique killers to be added to the game in that she can mute her terror aura as she crouches. None of the other killers can crouch so she gets a distinct advantage when hunting the survivors. Her weapon is a hidden wrist blade that she uses to slash and wound. She has a charging ambush attack that she can use from her crouch position to surprise her prey. To evoke her sense of terror, she wears a disgusting pig head to make her seem as if she is unhuman.

What really sets her apart though is her usage of the infamous reverse bear traps. Given at a limited amount in each match, these traps are placed on the survivor’s heads when near death. The traps only begin their timer when the first of the motors are fixed. They automatically trip once a survivor escapes which gives The Pig more time to hunt if the survivors are truly working together. To get the trap off, they trappee must reach a cage that has keys in it and a Jigsaw doll upon it. Of course going to get the key takes time and makes noise which once again gives The Pig more and more time to get all of the survivors. The name of the game is stealth and delaying their escape as much as possible.

Click the picture to see The Pig in action!

On the flip side you have Detective David Tapp (Danny Glover’s character from the first movie) as a survivor. While the likeness graphically isn’t quite there, the concept of Detective Tapp being obsessed with the SAW killer (even though The Pig isn’t Jigsaw) is relayed through the perks given through the Bloodweb. The Tenacity perk allows him to crawl on the ground faster. This can help you escape the killer if they get distracted or lose you after their second strike. The Detective’s Hunch perk allows you to see generators, totems, and chests for a few seconds on the map (if you have it) for 5 seconds. This can save a bit of time in locating difficult to find totems that make the killer stronger and harder to escape. The Stake Out perk gives you tokens for every 15 seconds near the killer without being chased. These tokens improve your skill checks. Once again, his determination makes him a handy survivor to have on the team. Plus, as with other survivors, at a certain level, these perks can be learned by other survivors which is more ammunition to get this DLC if you’re a fan!

Once again Dead By Daylight has shaken the pillars of hell with yet another killer to give ‘bold’ survivors fits. A nearly undetectable killer can wreck havoc and The Pig is a pretty good one to use for inexperienced killers. Time to be cleansed!