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“Dauntless” Open Beta Begins May 24th

What’s Up, FanBros! E3 is rolling in soon and our coverage is ramping up before the big show. Until we see what’s in store in gaming for the next year, we’re going to do our annual Beta posts to keep you gaming before and after the huge event.

I never thought I’d see the day where Monster Hunter would be Capcom‘s fastest selling game in the U.S. But, here we are. With awkward cat pets and inconveniently timed co-op matches with friends’ work schedules…

If you’re on a console.

If you’re on PC, the release date is currently set at some time in Q4 2018. And we’ve really had to hope for the best….until now.

Dauntless has been in closed Beta since PAX West and it’s surprisingly been one of my Top 3 games since that event. The battles are intense, the combat is smooth, the multiplayer accessible and the hunts feel 100% more satisfying to me than any quest I’ve tried with MWH.

Well, on May 24th, you’ll see for yourself. Dauntless will be entering Open Beta and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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