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Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat

Synopsis: The premise of X-Men: Legacy has shifted focus several times over the years, from that of Professor X’s solo adventures to Rogue educating mutant children, and now the story focuses on David Haller aka Legion. Legion is the son of mutant leader and X-Men founder, Professor X, who recognizes that he will never live up to his father’s legacy and flawed dream of mutants and humans peacefully co-existing. He decides that a more pro-active solution is best and sets out to stop situations before they occur.

YC’s Take: The series is quirky, comedic, and spins familiar tropes in off-kilter and unexpected ways.  It is also kind of sweet in it’s own way as Legion develops a relationship with the blind precognitive mutant, Blindfold of the X-Men.  In his quest Legion has tasted success and failure with a subplot stemming from issue one finally playing out in the current story line that also integrates bits of the series Uncanny Avengers. Spurrier demonstrates that while he may not be as methodical as Avengers writer, Johnathan Hickman, he does have a long term plan in play as characters and ideas mentioned or referenced in earlier issues pop up playing integral roles in later issues.

The covers by Mike del Mondo are top notch and set him on the path to be counted among the greats such as Tim Bradstreet and Dave Johnson.

Definitely pick up the first trade and subscribe to this great series!