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FBS No. 42 – The Chi Modu Episode


Chi Modu


The Chi Modu Episode. Pronounced like it rhymes with Key, not like it rhymes with Bye which is exactly what Chi Modu should have done after Benhameen butchered his name like it was a prize steer. But no Chi didn’t abandon the spaceship like some others in the past, he stayed on to break down the relationship between Hip-Hop and the Geek world, and how they are much closer than you would imagine. He also explains how he became a legend in the photography game, and so much more about life, following your dreams, and many more topics in this new episode. Chi Modu. Rhymes with tree, it’s the life force that connects us all. Easy to remember right? Or so Benhameen would think… Tune in to this episode if only to hear the Butcher Of Names in all his glory. When you’re done make sure you check out Ephotos.com, the brother Chi Modu is giving us a social media site for us, by us. Or something to that extent.