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Comics I Copped: Chew #43 (Advance Review)

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If you’re a regular listener of FanBrosShow and we all know that you should be by now, you know that I talk about Chew like I created the comic myself. It’s easily one of my favorite books on the shelves these days and I’ve been following since the beginning, and with the ending of the series approaching I decided it was high time to share the greatness with the readers of FanBros.Com.
Chew, which was created by John Layman & Rob Guillory tells the story of Tony Chu, a man blessed or some would say cursed with the ability to gain information from anything he eats. If he were to eat a burger he would know everything about the cow that the burger came from or if he were to eat a piece of a Jujitsu master Tony would gain the abilities that years of training gave the martial artist. It’s an ability that can have it’s drawbacks as those opposed to cannibalism or ingesting all manner of other substances might not really enjoy it that much. I mean it starts with eating burgers and it doesn’t take long before our hero is eating everything from feces to fungus to get a lead on the multiple villains that he faces. The villains themselves have various food related powers and the comic tends towards the bizarre whenever possible, with the breakout star of the book being a cybernetic assassin rooster. Poyo!

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The thing that makes Chew great is while there is a ton of detail in the art and writing it never stops dropping information to ever consider if any of it makes sense. Of course there is an overarching story and there have been significant plot points to move it along it does everything with a sense of humor and wit that isn’t found in many mainstream comics these days. While the story can be quite dark at points Guillory fills the art with so many jokes that even in it’s worst moments the book doesn’t forget that it’s about about people who have food related powers. The preview at the end of this issue is a perfect example of this balance, as while it looks like Olive has bitten off way more than she can chew, the wordplay makes the horror of the moment seem hilarious somehow. Chew is one of those rare books that strikes a solid balance between being ultra grim & gritty and can still have a fight between a cybernetic rooster & a gargantuan snail goat.


Like I said in the intro Chew is also a book that has a definitive end point in mind, and while I love books like Invincible that can seemingly go on forever it’s always nice to be able to read the entire story of a character and know that there is going to be a resolution to everything in the near future. If you’re new to Chew start with the first trade and work your way up from there, trust me on this one it’s well worth it.

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