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Wonder Woman Fashion Sets

Wonder Woman is about to hit theaters for its US premiere and amazingly it also has a positive critical response. Who else is ready to check out the first female led superhero film from the DCEU? Let’s also not forget that it’s the first critical darling from the DCEU!

Go ahead Diana, brush them shoulders off.

Wonder Woman is the first DCEU film that I have had a genuine interest in watching. B vs S got boring very quickly for me. Suicide Squad had its fun moments but I couldn’t get on board with its scattered storytelling and the belly dancing villain/hostage. Wonder Woman seems to be the start of an amazing storytelling run from the DCEU.

My fingers are still crossed for Aquaman. This may also be tempered by the fact that it will be a close two hours of a shirtless Jason Momoa. But I digress— how about them Amazons?!

Check out these Wonder Woman inspired everyday styles to put some amazon into your everyday.

Top from Simply Be; Jeans from H&M; Shoes and sunglasses from Amazon; Bracelet from Belk;

Dress from Simply Be; Shoes and belt from Amazon; Sunglasses from Gaffos; Handbag from Mango; Earrings from Zappos; Bracelet from WB Shop;

Jacket and skirt from Simply Be; Top from New Look; Hat, glasses and boot from Amazon; Necklace from Shop DC Entertainment;

Top from H&M; Skirt and heels from Amazon; Necklace from Shop DC Entertainment; Bracelet from WB Shop; Sunglasses from Need Supply;

Got a character or fandom in mind for an everyday fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

Shopping links for the above sets and more fandom fashions and geekery can be found at curvygeekyfangirl.com!

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