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Captains Log: FanBros State Of Affairs


Captains Log

Captains Log 001

A little over a year ago we started FanBrosShow. When Combat Jack first told me the idea of doing a podcast that covered geek culture from an urban viewpoint I figured it was a no brainer. I mean I jumped at the chance to talk about comics, movies, tech, and everything else that I loved whenever I given the opportunity on the Combat Jack Show so it seemed like the perfect idea to me. I knew that in the geek realm there were a ton of podcasts, but I didn’t feel like they were bringing the flavor like we could, so it felt absolutely necessary that we started doing it.



The first few episodes featured Combat Jack, Chico Leo & me but I knew right away that something was missing. I knew that Chico Leo was a genius in his own right, or perhaps mind, and Combat and I already had a great rapport from doing his show but I didn’t want the show to be a bunch of dudes sitting around talking about how much they loved comics or whether or not you could see Mystique’s nipples through her makeup. You can’t for the record. So we reached out to Tatiana King & Jamie Righetti, two amazing women who I knew through social media. Both of them were down for the cause and with Combat stepping out to handle his own spaceship the Fantastic Four launched off on the glorious mission to explore the unknown. If only we had accounted for those damn cosmic rays.

Needless to say the show has gone through many a change since our fateful beginning, much like the comic version we have lost members, had replacements, became the Fantastic Two or Three for short periods and so much more that I have a hard time believing it’s only been a year since we began. The number of guests and people we have come in contact with because of the show is ridiculous, and some of the moments from this show will stay with me forever. Junot Diaz telling me & Chico that if he wasn’t writing he would be doing something similar to FanBros might be my favorite moment yet, but DMC shouting me out at NYCC last year is up there too. Speaking of NYCC running up on John Layman & Rob Guillory to tell them how much I loved Chew and then scoring an interview with them out of nowhere was also one of those moments that I’ll tell my kids about. My life hasn’t been that interesting as you see.

Captains Log

But with every success and awesome moment there has also been tons of drama and stress to go along with the great times. I had no idea when we began that we would also be running a website, an online store, and developing a couple of internet shows all at the same time. I didn’t know that there’s a lot more to having a successful podcast than just showing up every week and yapping away on a microphone. I definitely didn’t think about maintaining numbers and hits, SEO optimizations, booking guests, getting dissed by publicists, or staying up til four in the morning editing a show so that it could drop by eight the next day.

In the end though none the stresses that comes with the job matters. What matters most to me is when someone hits me on Twitter and tells me that they love what we are doing and that they listen faithfully every week. Or when someone walks up to me while I’m spinning and tells me that they treat their girlfriend differently because of the Junot Diaz episode. What matters is that I love what I’m doing and with one or a million listeners I’d still love doing FanBrosShow. I want to thank everyone who has read this far, and everyone who has ever listened to an episode. I want to thank all of guests for appearing on the show, and I want to thank Combat Jack for envisioning this show in the first place. Thank you to all of the authors who have written for the site, all of the people who have submitted FanArt, Chris Robinson and the whole team behind FanBros Originals. I could sit here all day and thank the crew of FanBrosShow but they hear it from me every week so I think they get it.

I’m going to cut this short here as anyone who listens to the show knows I love to talk. I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into the mind of the captain of the ship, and I’ll be doing more of these Captains Logs as the mood strikes me or if you out there have any questions for me I’ll be sure to answer in a future edition. For now once again I just want to say thank you to everyone out there and remember to believe in yourself and your dreams and to never ever give up on them.