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*BREAKING NEWS* Ink Dries On Top Secret Deal Between Marvel & Fox.

Top secret meetings have been held betweeen 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios about how to successfully integrate their film franchises. Currently separated by a wall of lawyers and contracts, the companies may have reached a deal that will allow us to see our favorite on screen teams finally meet up. Marvel Studios has agreed to release a three part film based on several Marvel events that will open the door for a stable Marvel Universe that will feature ALL of it’s characters under one umbrella. The Fanbros sat down with X-Men film franchise executive producer Lauren “More Money Than You” Donner to get the scoop on how this will work.

“We’ve never wanted to seperate ourselves from Marvel Studios or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But out deal was carved out in the 90s. Not only were we tied up by outdated contracts, we were tied up with outdated thought processes.” Donner is referring to now ex-X-film director Bryan Singer. “We wanted to finally do right by our fans. We’re wiping our slate clean with a more traditional X-Men lineup to reflect the real issues faced by oppressed peoples. They don’t want to be cool, they don’t want to strut around in leather forcing the public to accept them. They want peace, they want privacy, and they want the respect that comes with being a normal human being. But as we know, everyone isn’t so accepting.”

Donner explained that the she, and her former protege Kevin Feige, want to bring these groups together in an realistic way. “Everyone isn’t going to be so accepting on mutants. In fact some are going to be downright bigots, and unfortunately that’s apart of life. But it’s still a movie about superheroes and vigilantes. So will they have to put aside their differences for a greater good? Most likely. But I promise these are going to be some of our greatest on screen moments.”

The films plan to take elements from several stories that feature the X-Men and Avengers including House Of M, Avengers Vs. X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, and a few silver age stories as well. Kevin Feige was not available for comment, he was too busy making it rain on these hoes.

The first of the film trilogy, Avengers Vs. X-Men: Disassembled, will be begin pre-production in late 2016 with a planned 2020 theatrical release.