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Bloods Bant Use The Internet (Featuring Bradford Young)

Bradford Young


Can Bloods use the Internet? How do they type in a .com address? These and other much more important questions are answered on this long awaited episode of FanBrosShow. BenHaMeen is reunited with his Howard University bredren Bradford Young and you can hear the joy in the air on this episode of FanBrosShow. Of course we discuss the new film arrival as well as some of what to expect from the young Han Solo film, both of which Bradford happens to be the cinematographer on. Oh yeah big dawgs in the house on this one. If you don’t know Brad and his work then google him real quick and then get back to us.
Still here? Well we also have a no spoiler review of Dr. Strange, plus a tear jerking Comics I Copped. Trifling Heights has some new temporary residents and the Geekquently Asked Questions asks “Why you always hating?”
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