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Brad Pitt Plays Himself In World War Z (Review)

Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?


In Brad Pitt’s latest film World War Z it becomes difficult to figure out where Brad Pitt the person ends and his character Gerry begins. We all know Brad as the world traveling humanitarian who occasionally acts in films, and that’s about all you get about Gerry besides the fact that he doesn’t act in films. Or does he?



Set around the world in modern day Gerry is basically Brad Pitt playing a retired version of himself. Married with two daughters Gerry is a former unspecified government agent who has retired to raise the kids while Mom works. Or I guess we assume she works as World War Z has no time to explain anything before the chaos erupts. Ten minutes after the movie opens the zombie outbreak is in full swing and Gerry and family are escaping to the countryside where they are taken in by a kindly Spanish couple and their bilingual son Thomas. Gerry arranges for a helicopter pick up since he’s a former government agent and all and of course is the only man for the job etc etc. The kindly family decides to not escape their zombie infested apartment building because you know it’s better if Jack from LOST shows up as the heli pilot to put some bullets in dear old Papi as the non infected son watches. Speaking of Jack from LOST he really needs a better agent as he has maybe three lines of dialogue in this flick. If he signed on for the opportunity to shoot some zombies with a really big machine gun then hey more power to him but between this and that Tyler Perry flick something has to give. Anyway with Gerry, family and newly adopted Thomas stowed away on an aircraft carrier two hours from New York it’s now time for Brad Pitt to do his world traveling thing and find the cure to this whole zombie nonsense. The action moves from South Korea to Israel to would you believe it Wales with Gerry meeting and watching various people die in various fast paced zombie attacks as he survives mainly due to the fact that he’s Brad Pitt and he’s producing and starring in this movie. Speaking of the zombies if you’re looking for slow moving methodical killers look elsewhere as these guys are fast and angry and have a weird way of walking and groaning that makes them look like offbeat people dancing to dubstep. The scares from the zombies mainly come from the fact that they jump at you from out of nowhere, not from any real dread as they made me chuckle several times when they weren’t spawning from illogical places to move the plot along.

Overall World War Z is an enjoyable summer movie with several big set pieces in exotic locales and Brad I mean Gerry racing against the clock like a bootleg Jack Bauer. Even when playing a more human version of himself Brad Pitt is still one of the best in the game today and World War Z ticks most of the boxes for what you want out of a popcorn flick for a Saturday afternoon. Plus you get to see Brad Pitt adopt a little brown boy in real time, it’s like watching an action movie and a documentary on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the same dang time.