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The Braap Segment: Vol. One (Cosplay Interview)

Braap Segment

The Braap Segment. Some say it’s the best part of any FanBros interview. Some say it’s the worst. Mothereffers never loved us. In an effort to outdiddy ourselves we took the Braap Segment to a whole new level at NYCC 2014. We interviewed Magneto, Weapons Check Guy, Adam Warlock, Wolverine, Sho Nuff, Captain Marvel, Swamp Thing & Poison Ivy and the sole benefactor of the Age Of Ultron himself. Listen as our unwilling contestants debate Black Panther or Power Man, Star Wars Or Star Trek, and the age old question What’s Your Favorite Wesley Snipes film? No love for New Jack City? hashtag kids these days. Watch The Braap Segment and leave your answers to the questions in the comments. Best answer wins a prize. or something to that extent.