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What Are the Best SuperHero Movies Releasing In the Near Future?

Logan - FanBros Review

There have been a ton of articles written about the eventual and inevitable bursting of the super hero movie bubble, and I’m sure that every year there will be more of them guaranteeing that this is the year it all falls apart. Well that’s cool and all but in 2017 it’s not going to happen.
This might be the most jam packed year for superhero films yet, with early reviews of LOGAN being very positive it also looks to be one that is filled with films that not only delight audiences but also become critical favorites.

After LOGAN the coming months have Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok as well as Justice League and Wonder Woman on the DC side of things. Out of all of these blockbusters which one is the most anticipated of them all? In actuality it’s none of them. Even though the recent Civil War did a lot to hype up Spider-Man and the first Guardians Of The Galaxy guarantees a huge opening day, while Wonder Woman is the first major superhero film with a female lead neither of them has the crowds foaming at the mouth for opening day.
The anticipation and hype for superhero movies has gone far beyond the world of geeks, with esteemed publications such as The Wall Street Journal giving equal space to the film world and the financial world. Even the world of online betting has gotten in on the action, with superheroes games in online casinos letting you play with some of your favorite characters while you place your bets. So if it’s not Wonder Woman or Justice League which of the high profile films has the inside track for greatest of them all?

Close but no.

That title belongs to the one and only Black Panther, opening less than a year away from you and I as I type these words. Even Marvel must have been taken aback by the reaction to the film and every tidbit of casting or plot news that has leaked from the production. The popular hashtag #blackpanthersolit has taken on a life of it’s own, and the hype for the film is at a fever pitch with nary a trailer having been released. At this point they could probably fill a theater with people just to see a trailer.

Yes Lawd.

Why is the Black Panther so anticipated? Beyond being the first Black superhero in the modern age of comic book films, the production is so star studded that it feels like the second coming of Zamunda. If you’re a working Black actor in Hollywood and you don’t have a bit part at the very least it feels like you’re missing out. Coupled with Ryan Coogler coming off the incredible Creed you have a surefire recipe for a fandom glistening with anticipation.
Yes this is a year to remember as far as genre films with Star Wars even taking a backseat to GOTG2 and others. But if we are being honest we are all really and truly only counting down the days until February 17, 2018. What superhero movies are you looking forward to?