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Batman v Superman Trailer reaction

I had 0 (read: ZERO) intentions to be there on the first day for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and this trailer just lessened any enthusiasm I had for seeing this film.

Who knows how the final Batman v Superman film will be.  I had 0 (ZERO) intentions to be there on the first day and this trailer just lessened any enthusiasm I had for seeing this film.

While Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) was never established as the kind of clumsily effective reporter in Man of Steel (MoS) or even as a charming man, I overlooked that because of the minimal interactions/conversations he had with other people. I’ve never really been one to throw in references to the original Superman trilogy but they GOT IT regarding the impression Clark and Superman should make on someone.

Clark? That buffoon? That geek? That dweeb? He could NEVER be Superman! Superman is powerful, effective, handsome, a God amongst men! No, no, Superman is NOT Clark Kent!

I was giving the benefit of the doubt that the film makers would evolve Clark into someone more than just plain clothes Superman – but nope, didn’t happen. He’s the same stiff as he was before and that’s made apparent via the stilted conversation they present him having with Batfleck.

I had also championed the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman because in previous roles he has demonstrated that he can be disarmingly charming, however, here he is presented as a grim wooden statue, which is fine for Batman or maybe even the private persona of Bruce Wayne as he speaks with confidants who know his secret identity, but this should not be the public persona of Bruce Wayne. Bruce in public is a mask of playboy decadence, privilege and incompetence, not a soulless reflection of what they have given before in the form of Clark Kent.

Jesse Eisenberg‘s portrayal of Lex Luthor was also truly a MISS.  I like what is presented IF it were for another character in another film, but it doesn’t feel like Lex Luthor.  It is doubtful anything could be as BOSS as the black Lex Luthor from Superman: The Animated Series, but damn Jesse, I was hoping you would come with something better than this madcap, eccentric boy genius take on the character.

My concerns regarding casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman were not allayed by this trailer which shoehorned in an appearance by her character toward the end of its running time.  As with Luthor, she just does not come across as Wonder Woman. A pretty woman in a cool costume – sure, but the regal, majestic, powerful and formidable Amazonian princess – naaaaah.  I’m still hoping her acting is able to carry her through the role in a way that her physical presence does not.

The trailer also reveals a monstrous figure that looks like a cross between The Hulk’s Abomination and the Star Wars Rancor who we are presuming is the Superman villain, Doomsday.  If this was meant to be a significant moment in the film, it doesn’t play out as such in the moment showcased here.

One thing this trailer does do well is present more EPIC scale citywide destruction for all of the MoS haters to salivate over. There are several explosions and burning city ruins all though the latter half of the trailer that you Day One people must be soooo anxious for.  Citywide destruction should be expected.  Along with the screams of millions of dying people.  It is the collateral damage of being around a super hero fight.

I want to see this movie, but more importantly I want this movie to be GOOD.  The decisions DC has made during the production and now with the marketing of this film are causing me a lot of trepidation but all of the world will find out when Batman v Superman is released next year.

Ben Ha Meen’s thoughts

Since I’m not one to normally put that much thought into a trailer I don’t why Illa YC asked me to do this piece, but since I’m here let me at least attempt to refute a few of his points. First I think judging the entire performance of an actor off a trailer isn’t the best idea & I think that Ben Affleck & Jesse Eisenberg were fine for the trailer and I actually like the take that Jesse is doing on it. Aside from Jesse mumbling or the sound being mixed badly where his lines become inaudible I liked the interaction between Clark, Bruce & Lex. I especially liked the introduction and the conversation between the Bruce & Clark. I liked Ben Affleck’s subtle approach to an older more refined or exhausted Bruce Wayne and Cavill still comes off as a country boy do gooder who needs his face fixed just one good time.

The longer the trailer played though the less I found interesting, mainly because we have seen some of the shots in the previous trailers and because the introduction of Zod & Doomsday felt like DC is giving away way too much. We know the movie is about the formation of the Justice League but why give it all away in the trailer? We are going to see Batman Vs Superman, why reveal that there is another bad guy who they must team up to fight? We all know that there will be a reason for them to team up in the end but this trailer feels like it lays it all out there instead of leaving it up to your imagination.

There has been a constant slagging over the choice of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman but I think DC must have seen something in her for them to trust her with her own film and I thought her introduction was one of the best parts of the trailer. Wonder Woman’s introduction, not the silly flashback to 80’s action movie dialogue that immediately follows.

Overall, it’s a trailer. Not the best not the worst and while it didn’t hype me up to see the film like a trailer should it did make me wonder would this movie be the complete train wreck that many are predicting? Or will it somehow magically come together in the end?