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FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride

Baron & Bride

Just as Fan Bros aren’t always just bros, they are often not just fans. When one such listener, Mohammed, contacted us wanting to debut his IP as part of the Originals line, we were happy to discuss it. We established some parameters and it’s safe to say he and his team went above and beyond.the call of duty. These pages are the beginning of an Original Graphic Novel so look out here for more information on the finished project.


Baron & Bride


Baron & Bride



Meet the creators:

Mohammed Yusuf Sillah, born and raised In the DC metropolitan area and has wanted to contribute his own brand of creativity to comics since he was 7 years old. Risen: Baron & Bride is his first offering and thanks the team(Nathan,Yusuf, Kevin and Bram) and FanBros for making a dream come true.

Yusuf Idris is a penciler and inker from Bandung city, Indonesia where he studied at Design and Art Faculty at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). After graduation he worked as an illustrator for several design companies, and worked in architectural design in Bali before moving to Jakarta to work as a comic artist for Imaginary Friends Studio. Later he started his own AMPARAN studio with other colleagues in the field were his projects included, with Zenescope Entertainment , the mini-series “Down The Rabbit Hole Series 1,2,3,5, and the Grimm Fairy Tales 2013 Special.

Bram Meehan is a graphic designer/creative director providing lettering, logo design, and production for comics, as well as branding and marketing communications for businesses. He has been independently publishing comics for more than a decade, serves on the board of a nonprofit supporting comics education and comic creators, and teaches creating comics at an arts university.

Kevin Enhart was born in Britannia , France, and lives near Paris, with his fiancee and stepson. After two years of learning arts, philosophy and psychology, Kevin decided to follow follow a different path by pursuing a job as a freelance illustrator.

He only came to the comic book industry in 2010 and, near immediately, was hired by English publisher Deadstar Publishing to work on their Rising Stars issue, which would be followed by two other books with writers David Owain Hughes and Lynda Nash. At the same time, he also teamed up with roleplaying games creator and writer Keith Foo to create the Heindrich Project, first a webcomic, before creating a second series : THP Aftermath.

Kevin is now known for his sense of details, also as for his colours, which made him become a part of the artistic team working on Brimstone and the Border-hounds, beside re-creating The Heindrich Project with Keith Foo. He’s also working with publisher 215Ink, on comic books Apes With Uzis and Breakneck, both from writer Mark Bertolini.

Nathan Slack is a freelance script writer living in London, England. Believing he was always was a script writer, even from an early age Nathan began to apply his love of history and fantasy to the comic form. Currently unpublished, Nathan aspires to this goal and the web comic, Risen is a step towards it.