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The Axel Alonso (Marvel Comics Editor In Chief) Episode (FanBrosShow)

Alex Alonso

The Axel Alonso Episode? Did I really just type those words? The Editor In Chief Of Marvel Comics is on the spaceship with the FanBrosShow? Well unless these photos have been doctored by agents of AIM then it’s true, Axel Alonso joined the show for our first episode of the year in one that will go down in history as an instant classic.

We discuss his origins in the industry and what obstacles he faced and faces on the daily as a person of color in one of the highest positions in the business, and Axel doesn’t pull any punches as he speaks on the future of the industry, whether or not comics have a place in social protest, and why Run The Jewels 2 is a perfect album. Axel also speaks on people of color gaining more relevance both in print and behind the scenes and what it will take to make this more of a reality.

He stands tall in the BRAAP segment and gives us a few hints on the upcoming Secret Wars crossover, including a spoiler on the Beyonder’s hairstyle. Sit back and join us for this adventure with the modern day Stan Lee himself, and Happy New Year to each and every one of you FanBros out there!

After you expand your mind with the episode make sure you check out our gallery of photos from the recording shot by the young visionary Bryon Summers, and of course we can’t forget the first in our new line of incredible showbills with artwork by Kahn Kane & design work by Illa YC! You see it at top, make sure you follow @FanBrosShow on IG for even more!

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