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EVENT RECAP: Awesome Con 2017

 Awesome Con is an East Coast convention that has experienced tremendous growth, turning it into one of the most popular conventions of the summer. Over the weekend they wrapped up their 2017 show which featured appearances from various cast members of Doctor Who including David Tennant, WWE’s Shinsuke Nakamura, and Melissa O’Neil of Syfy’s; Dark Matter. And there were plenty of people from the comic book industry including Greg Capullo, Tom King, and Scott Snyder.

Awesome Con has consistently added new features since its 2013 launch. Game rooms (retro and modern), activities for smaller children,  and interactive experiences of various kinds were all available there. There was even an stunt choreography group holding interactive stage fighting seminars. They also get a bit more creative with the panels. For example, Batman writers Tom King and Scott Snyder hosted a panel with an engineer where all they did was talk about the real life applications of Bat-gadgets; or how certain gadgets would translate to reality. If you’re interested in D&D, go to a Wil Wheaton panel. There were many panels focused on helping people to improve their art and writing. And then of course you have your regular celebrity panels, where fans typically ask about past or current projects. Occasionally, you’ll hear about some unknown news like when John Barrowman announced that he and his sister would be launching a comic book with Legendary Comics titled; Cursed.

One of the best things about all conventions is the vendors. If you never made it to NYCC or SDCC and there was special item that you wanted; these smaller shows will often give you the chance to buy that special item. There were plenty of vendors selling SDCC exclusive Funko Pop figurines.  Next year, the convention will be held during Easter weekend. Conventions are also an excellent way to support small businesses and creators looking to make a name for themselves. So if you’re in the area during that time next year, I highly recommend spending an afternoon here. You’ll have plenty of fun no matter your geeky interest. And don’t forget the cosplay. There’s plenty of it at every convention, and this one was no exception. Check out the cosplay in the gallery below.