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Avengers 4 Theories (Opinion)

****WARNING: MAJOR Infinity War spoilers ahead! *****

Photo Credit: Avengers 4 set photos courtesy of Men’s Journal

Avengers: Infinity War blew up many fan theories with it’s ending. Avengers 4 set photos of Ant-Man and Hawkeye were mostly ignored or forgotten. It was just assumed they died early in the film because they weren’t in any of the promotion. The film ends with the gauntlet being completely blown out and Thanos injured after he wipes out half the universe. Now our heroes will have to figure out what they’re going to do to make things right, which probably means sacrifices will be made for the greater good. It made sense for the future leaders of the MCU to be removed. Avengers 4 is supposed to be about concluding the story of the original team.  And what will Wakanda do until things are normal? Will Okoye try to fix things at home or will she attempt to help the Avengers like her king would have? With her being brought back into the comics, I won’t be surprised if she chooses the latter. Okoye and Rocket joining the Avengers for their final adventure would make sense.

Though these theories ended up proving wrong, it was for good reason. The Russos immediately provided a logical solution to remove Ant-Man and Hawkeye from the battle. With Thanos succeeding in wiping out half the universe, we can now assume why Hawkeye becomes Ronin. And because of Infinity War, we may be in for a very dark ending for Ant-Man and The Wasp. Scott is on house arrest because he wanted to be close to his daughter. Don’t be shocked if she or her mother and step-father fade away in a post credit scene. From the the set photos that have been floating around, it was implied that time travel will play a part but it was unknown to what degree. And with Infinity War’s ending we now know that is the original team with Ant-Man along for the ride. Now the speculation has shifted to if the entire team is time traveling or is this an alternate reality adventure. Besides the set that looks like the Battle of NY, the other reason time travel theories oh have been floating around is the rumored casting of an older Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang. In the comics, Cassie becomes the hero stature.

Photo Credit: Avengers 4 set photos courtesy of Men’s Journal

Infinity War’s ending is a direct reference to the Infinity Gauntlet comic. When Thanos used the gauntlet to get away and it seemed to have been pulled into a different plane of existence. Many hardcore fans theorized that Thanos got pulled into the Soul Stone and that was really Gamora since she was sacrificed to gain access to it. In a recent interview, the Russos confirmed that Thanos did have an out of body experience in the Soul Stone and that was Gamora. All of the Infinity Gems have a mind of their own but the Soul Stone is the most temperamental. The Soul Stone once bound itself to Adam Warlock because it found him worthy of such union due to his strength and other characteristics. Feige did say Infinity War deaths would stick but he didn’t specify for how long or if reincarnation was off the menu. Thanos even hinted at the Asgardians ability to be resurrected when he killed Loki. With Thor now possessing the ability bring back the Bifrost Bridge, there may be other magical abilities he possess. Like the ability to bring back Loki as a child like he did after his death during the Siege event.


Unfortunately Avengers 4 is a year away and we most likely won’t find out the title until months after the July 6th release of Ant-Man & The Wasp. Captain Marvel will be released on March 9th.