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FBS No. 45 – The Audition Episode Feat. @GreatBrilliance & @Arrgenys (FanBrosShow)




As you long time listeners know the FanBrosShow are holding auditions for a new FanBro. Someone who can handle the insanity that is FanBrosShow.  Someone who can stand up to a rigorous audition process and remain unscathed. Or someone who knows how to make a good cup of coffee. So tonight on the show we welcome @GreatBrilliance, the social media maven himself, and @Arrgenys the Dominican Deadpool. Listen as we discuss the cloning of wooly mammoths, Omar Epp’s skirticide and we grill these two suckers guests on why they deserve to sit in the chair. Plus all the weekly news and recaps on tech, television, film and much more!!!! Not only that the one and only Flickerachi returns to school us on the best in television. Join the movement, become one of the great ones!! And if you can’t do that then subscribe on Itunes.