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Will The Atari Box Be the Dark Horse of the Console Wars? (VIDEO)

What Is The Atari Box?

So Atari is coming back into the console war. With their last console being the Atari Jaguar released in 1993, we’ll see if they can hold their own in this day and age. The gaming landscape is vastly different since 1993 and a lot more expensive. Is Atari a worthy competitor of the big 3? Let’s discuss it.

Recently, Atari confirmed that they were working on their first console in over 20 years. The Atari Box perhaps? With this news comes a lot of questions about where they’d fit or if they’d fit in at all, will they be able to hold a spot with such powerful consoles as the Xbox One X coming out? I believe the possibility of overpowering the big 3 console manufacturers is out of the question since Atari isn’t a company juggernaut like Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, and while they have stated that they’re working with PC technology, we have yet to learn the specs. So if they can’t out-spec or outdo them in terms of sheer power, what can they do? What they can do is go the Nintendo route of style and originality by way of self developing perhaps. Nintendo consoles have not been the most powerful machines, but they do show innovation and their self made exclusives are in a league of their own. If they go the self developing route and they can make games worth getting the Ataribox for, they shouldn’t have too much problem finding a place in the console market.

Another option they could possibly do is go for the nostalgia market, which could definitely work. Could they be doing an Atari Classics console? We saw with the NES Classic that nostalgia still sells and all those old gamers that miss those days will snatch nostalgia up in a heartbeat. Difference here is that that’s the NES, who’s out here asking to play Atari again? This hypothetical has some validity to it as well, seeing that their teaser showed what looked to be a callback to their old consoles, the camera gliding over a sleek, black vent with a cut to a wooden panel finish. Would you pick up an Atari Classics all-in-one console?

There’s also the third option, which I don’t see as viable as of now, going for indies. Normally I’d say that this was a great idea, but after seeing what happened to the OUYA, which ceased production due to not hitting with gamers, I don’t think it’s an amazing idea. What it is though, is a way to stand out and still make it somewhat desirable to the consumer who doesn’t have too much reason to get a console if they already have one, or has a PC. The most common complaint we see about the consoles is that they’re too similar or just low end PCs, and this is a way to avoid that comparison. If they do go this route, I can only hope that they learn from the OUYA’s mistakes.

Rest In Peace–we barely played you.


Hopefully the Atari Box can do something to stand out from the big three console competitors. What do you think it’ll turn out to be? Do you think it’ll thrive or do you think it’ll flop? Let us know below!

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