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APRIL 2017’s Best Beta Sign-Up Lists

Welcome back, FanBros!

I’m returning with another segment of Tech On A Budget by giving you the list of the newest Betas that are currently available and also coming to a console or PC near you. Here’s a list of the ones I think are the best that are available:

Gran Turismo Sport for Playstation 4

Sony‘s tentpole driving game is about to make a return and they need to make sure that things go much smoother than their outings on the PS3. So, this Beta is currently accepting applications to allow only select few gamers to have a test run.

Be sure to sign up here.

Master X Master for PC

This game is a pretty exciting experiment for the MMO genre. The developers, NCSoft, describe it as: “A hybrid MMO game combining PvP duels typical for MOBA titles with an extensive, story-based PvE component“. This is their first foray into this…whatever you want to call it…. but, it’s pretty impressive. The beta is currently running but requires registration here.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 for PC

image from GameSpot

This game has been killing it for a month. With realistic physics, real-world tactics, being able to set traps and thinking on your toes: this has an edge that Hitman(2016) used to rise through the ranks to become one of the best games of last year. The beta ends on April 25th, so we suggest you sign up while you have a chance.

Quake Champions for PC

image from Gamespot

While I may not be a big fan of the series, this game has been causing nothing but the best office rivalries around my workplace since the last hours of “team building exercise 2015“. It’s a return to the old days of Quake Arena where your twitch skills and intense speed/reflexes will be the only way you make it out. It’s currently going in a closed beta and has been well-received with high praise. Sign up here.

Rend for PC

image from Gamepedia

This is my favorite announcement of all the games listed. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this since PAX East. The idea of Rend is for this to be a multiplayer survival game where each player must choose a faction. You all work to build your base and create an economy, while leveling up and fighting enemies outside your base. But, once a week, at a pre-determined time, your base will become vulnerable to enemy and NPC monster attacks. You must choose to defend your base or try to overthrow the enemy.

If you’re into this pretty awesome and insane concept as much as I am, you can sign up here.


If there are any other betas out there you’re looking forward to, be sure to comment below or contact us at @FanBrosShow