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Dress Like The #Gawds: American Gods Fashion Sets (INTERVIEW)

Editor’s Note: These fashion sets first appeared on curvygeekyfangirl.com. “Dress Like…” will be an ongoing series on FanBros.com from Jo Mitchell, featuring fashion sets across various fandoms.


Ever want to show your love for your fandom by cosplaying, but needed a practical, “for-the-lo” method in order to pull it off for every day life? Look no further because blogger Jo Mitchell, also known as Curvy Geeky Fangirl, knows how to make it work and make your fan-inspired ‘fit look good.

I spoke with Jo about her passions and what led her into creating incredible outfits, inspired by each character’s unique sense of style. In addition, she provided some dope looks to help fans emulate their favorite characters from Starz’s American Gods. Check out our interview with Jo and her American Gods Fashion Sets Below!


Blazer from New Chic; Shirt and shoes from Amazon; Pants from Navabi; Ring from JC Penny; All shopping links can be found on curvygeekyfangirl.com

Tatiana King Jones: Where are you from?
Jo Mitchell: I’m a Californian transplant currently residing in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area.
TJK: How long have you been blogging and putting together these fandom fashion sets?
JM: I have been blogging and putting together fandom fashion sets for the last three years. Time seems to really fly when you’re swimming in geekery.
TJK: What is it about fashion that draws you in?
JM: The emotional effect that comes with putting on a favorite outfit, sweater, dress, etc. drew me into fashion. Additionally the ease of changing the art one can wear from day to day also drew me in.

Dress, bag, and lipstick from Amazon; Shoes from 6pm; Ring from Harrods; All shopping links can be found on curvygeekyfangirl.com

TJK: What some of your favorite fandoms?
JM: I have so many, but a few that come to mind immediately would be Steven Universe, Marvel, recently DC, and the fandom that started me on this path in the first place, Doctor Who.
TJK: Fashion goes hand in hand with how characters are portrayed–which character in any medium had the best matching fashion sense to you?
JM: Buffy Summers hands down. She’s a character that can be as flexible with her style as she is about slaying vampire butt. Her outfits were on trend while also being tactile and functional. If she wanted to sport a dress and heels she would. Likewise if she was really feeling the sweats and hoodie look she would do that too.

Mr. Nancy: Suit from Zuvaa; Shoes, spider brooch and hat from Amazon; Earrings from Wolf and Badger; Spider bag from Ebay; All shopping links can be found at curvygeekyfangirl.com

TJK: Is there a character style you absolutely hated and wished you could change? May you illustrate or express their original style and what you would do to change it?
JM: Starfire and her costume from the initial New 52 release back in 2011. I remember it actually caused a bit of controversy as she was basically wearing over the knee boots, a thong, and some pasties. I was first introduced to her character through Teen Titans where the renderings of her where completely different to be appropriate for a younger audience. Seeing her “new” look at the time had me feeling a mix of emotions. Thankfully DC revamped her look again with less emphasis on her being an object. My own spin on it would change her look to be one of practicality in an office setting. A simple sleeveless sheath dress, a few accessories, and heels.

Dress from Dorothy Perkins; Shoes from Farfetch, Ring from Simply Soles; Headband from House of Fraser; All shopping links can be found on curvygeekyfangirl.com

TJK: Does family or friends or even work ever factor into how you put these sets together?
JM: Family, friends and even my 9 to 5 do factor into my sets. The reason I started the styling sets was due to the fact that I wanted to wear my geek on my sleeve but worked in a very strict dress code environment. Jeans aren’t even allowed! The same is true for family and friends who want to express their imaginative side but also have to adhere to workplace rules. It’s because of these restrictions that it forced me to think beyond my go to graphic tee or ready-made costume mindset. It’s also just fun to think about how, to the stray observer, these outfits are just regular outfits. However if you’re in that particular fandom or familiar with that fandom a conversation organically begins.

Dress from City Chic; Shoes from Amazon; Necklace from Haute Headquarters; Ring from Very; All shopping links can be found on curvygeekyfangirl.com

TJK: What does geekdom mean to you?
JM: Geekdom to me means an ever expanding multiverse of imagination, collective fan freakouts and endless interesting conversation on topics that I am passionate about. It’s always growing and always welcoming.
TJK: How can people find you and view more of your work?
JM: People can find me over at my site (curvygeekyfangirl.com), on Instagram (@curvygeekyfangirl) or on Twitter (@curvygeekyfngrl)