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Age Of Ultron Episode (FBS No. 72)




Age Of Ultron???? The trailer is out???? Like I said in the show unless you are living under a rock somewhere you know what happened last night, that’s right the Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron trailer leaked online and boy is it a doozy. After a rough copy made it’s way to the Internets around 7 pm yesterday, Marvel wisely decided to release the full length crystal clear trailer for all to lo and behold. The trailer is jam packed with imagery and the FanBrosShow is here to give you the breakdown frame by frame so you can catch all the easter eggs and hidden secrets along with us. Not only that but Chico Leo brings up the idea of fat shaming in media and why it sucks, we also announce our latest contest in conjunction with Costumesupercenter.com and we ask that you take a second and vote for us in the BlackWeblog Awards! Everything is awesome even in the Age Of Ultron!