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Five Pro-Tips For Noob Game Streamers

Editor’s Note: BJ “Bunneh3000” Brown is a new contributor to FanBros.com. Bunneh is a game critic with a focus on new-gen and old-school gaming, and live streaming.


Unless you’re a Nintendo-only gamer, most modern gaming consoles have the ability to livestream your gameplay. For those new to gaming, the idea of live streaming your gameplay may feel a bit intimidating. No problem! We’ve got you covered with a few tips on how to get started:

  1. Figure out WHY you want to stream your gameplay

Sometimes the popular thing to do isn’t always the best thing to do. With so many gamers who stream on various networks like Twitch.tv, Youtube, or Mixer, it is good to have an idea of why you want to start streaming. Some wish to build a community of their own in an effort to gain sponsors, donations, convention invites, etc. Others use live streaming to chronicle their training for eSports events. Some people do it to meet people interested in their taste of games in hopes of playing with a group or team in coop games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or other competitive style games. Whatever your reason, this will dictate your level of involvement for your channel.

  1. Set Up Your Channels and Set A Schedule


(pic courtesy of gingerwinifer)

Whether you are streaming for fun or for viewer interaction, setting a schedule is key. People who are interested in you and/or your content will need to have an idea of when they can watch your gameplay and interact with you. On your channel profile, make the schedule visible and even list the games you plan on streaming.

  1. Strongly Consider Using a Camera

While not every successful livestreamer includes a facecam of them playing the game, most do. Viewers who tune in often times like to see reactions and facial expressions as you win, lose, achieve, and experience the game. Providing that connection is key and will be the difference between someone who pops in to see if they like the game and if they pop in to watch whatever it is you decide to play on any given day.

  1. Respond to Your Viewers In Chat

Interacting with those who watch you is essentially the whole point of livestreaming. If you aren’t willing to talk to other people in the chatroom, then you may want to revisit your whole purpose for livestreaming.

  1. Have Patience and Work Your ‘Angle’

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Building a large following on ANY platform is difficult nowadays thanks to the high numbers of people getting into livestreaming. As you stream, you’ll ‘find your voice’ or what makes you ‘watchable’. Some streamers dress up in costume every session. Some turn their sessions into parodies of the game they are playing like a kind of roleplay or improv session. Some simply act overly excited or utilize their amateur (or professional in some cases) voice acting talents to keep things interesting. Others rely strictly on their self professed skill at the game to attract followers. Whatever your schtick is, work it, improve it, and be patient. Of course utilizing some social media skills could also help in getting the word out, but we’ll tackle that at a later date.

However you go about it, the key is for you to have fun streaming. If you aren’t having fun, those watching it will be able to tell and won’t have fun either.

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