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OPINION: 5 Video Games of 2017 That I Ditched But Should Have Played

Last year saw a lot of great games. As a result, many gamers (including yours truly) didn’t get a chance to partake in them all. This is always the hardship of a dedicated gamer as there are so many great games and so little time to play them. Still, it is standard practice to run down the games that tickled my fancy in 2017 so that you can all shake your head and tell me what I should have played. LET’S DO IT!


For Honor

The beginning of last year was a little bit spars on highly anticipated games but For Honor was the exception. With gorgeous graphics and the promise of a highly competitive melee combat system, For Honor was one of those ‘great-to-watch’ and ‘high-anxiety-to-play’ titles. With its directional attack and block system, For Honor seemed easy on the surface until I began trying to learn combos for each of the heroes. The clang of every block and the joy of every kill brought me back time and time again as duels and even 2 on 1 battles were a thrill to be a part of and watch.

Still, I lost a bit of steam as the year went on. While the game was a lot of fun, I think the lack of free DLC and the time it took for it to release ultimately led to myself and scores of other players to lose interest in devoting a lot of time in For Honor. It really needed either a larger Skirmish mode (with more AI and more than 4v4) in order for it to feel like a battle. I’m sure there were technical reasons why the decision was made but the fluidity, grace, and spectacle of the duels coupled with the occasional crowd clearing moves were more than compelling and had regulars wanting more.

Here’s to hoping for a quick sequel that gives more on the Story mode side of things as well as on the multiplayer side.


Destiny 2

As a fan of Halo, it is hard to not like Destiny. Bungie made their decision to move on from the Halo franchise but whether I’m playing Destiny or Destiny 2, it is hard to NOT see the massive influence Halo has on Destiny. Personally, I didn’t enjoy Destiny that much. Thankfully, Destiny 2 was what I wanted Destiny 2 to be. Still, I think Bungie has a ways to go on providing endgame content.

Destiny 2 checked all the right boxes for me. They provided a sense of exploration, reduced the annoyance of only identifying loot at the base, provided a story worth playing through, and had enough content to make playing to the ‘endgame’ worth the time. Still, once I reached about level 280 or so, I was basically done with playing. For some reason trying to organize clanmates to finish the extremely hard raids and such were beyond my patience levels. Either way, I cannot deny that Destiny 2 did most everything I wished its predecessor had done.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Hunting Dinobots with a bow and arrow is so much fun! Horizon Zero Dawn was a surprise hit for those of us not fortunate enough to get a Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda game (because otherwise Zelda would be on this list). This game has all of the open world exploration, weapon upgrading, great story, and amazing battles one could wish for in an adventure game. Robotic dinos of different sizes and capabilities populate an intriguing story that grips you, pulls you along, and baits you into spending countless hours farming for dino parts and resources.

I knew I was in love with this game the moment I was able to hunt the T-Rex version of these dinobots. These crazy things have huge weaponry mounted on their heads and backs that you can blow off and then use to battle them!

This game is unlike any other and is a blast to show off and play when you want to get lost in a compelling story.


Injustice 2

Fighting games like this rarely make it into my gaming library considering I’m not that good at them any more. With that said, Injustice 2 throws together a lot of things I love into a meaty offering that doesn’t even require me to fight other people online! This both feeds my gaming ego and protects it all at the same time!

Injustice 2 pools the finest of DC superheroes against each other in Mortal Kombat style… well… combat. With entertaining ultimate combos, outfit altering loot that actually upgrades your fighter, and a combo system that isn’t too complex, Injustice 2 had me combing back for more all year in hopes of scoring more loot and upgrading my favorite fighters. One can only hope that this wildly entertaining and addictive loot system makes its way into the next Mortal Kombat game.



That’s right. I like Fortnite WAY more than PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and not for the reason you think. Personally, I don’t like the immense tension and oftentimes ridiculously short sessions of Battle Royale with 100 people on the same map. Instead I was drawn to the crafting, resource mining, loot heavy base defense mode of this future Free To Play game.

As I unlocked and discovered hero after hero, I loved upgrading my characters, upgrading the ‘minions’ that would help me protect my base, upgrading the traps that would protect it all, and upgrading the countless weapons that I could build as well. The loot comes fast and often and it all works in the grand scheme of a game that comes off like a marriage between Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. As a result, Fortnite became my go to mindless grinding game when I didn’t want to play anything highly competitive.


There you have it! Many who know me will be surprised that Call of Duty or Shadow of War or even NBA 2K18 didn’t make the list, but that’s a story for another time! So what’s your fav five of 2018? Check out more of my opinions and reviews on gaming right here on FanBros.com