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The Youngest In Charge Episode Featuring Esteban & Jojo Serrano (FBS No. 61)


Youngest In Charge


On the Youngest In Charge Episode of FanBrosShow we welcome the youngest guest of the FanBrosShow ever, ten year old Jojo Serrano of the Trndsttrs. Since it wouldn’t be right to have the young genius without showing you all that geek culture bridges the age gap we also brought Esteban Serrano, host of Fuse TV’s Top Twenty Countdown and in his second job also happens to be JoJo’s father. Geek Kids Need Geek Dads as well folks. Not only that but we also tackle Olivia Cole’s recent article on why the movie Lucy continues the trend of subtle yet somehow blatantly overt racism in Hollywood, we break down some more information from SDCC, and we find out how it feels for JoJo to constantly outshine his father in terms of geek knowledge. Trust me you have never heard a ten year old speak about his passion for geekdom with the energy and excitement of JoJo Serrano, or as we like to call him around here Young Spoiler Alert. Don’t forget to subscribe on Itunes folks! You know you love us!

  • JDS

    Props to young Jojo. The boy bleeds geek.

    I believe the person he was referring to being inspiration for MCU Tony Stark is Elon Musk, owner of Space X, Tesla, and one of the founders of Paypal. He’s sort of the contemporary Howard Hughes.

    He’s not really funny guy, though. That’s all the sazón of RDJ.