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FanBrosShow No. 40 – The Young Guru Episode


Young Guru

Young Guru is one of those people in the business who is always going to tell it to you straight, and on the episode of FanBrosShow he brings that same sensibility to the spaceship. There’s so much knowledge dropped on this episode that I don’t know where to start but we speak on whether technology is good or evil, Star Trek representing science while Star Trek is religion based, and so much more. Young Guru is there for the entire episode so check him speaking on the enormous Netflix deal, the gigantic Godzilla trailer, and the sad untimely passing of the legendary Harold Ramis. This joint is jammed packed with knowledge, as well as the insanity that you’ve come to expect from the crew, so press play and remember to subscribe to us on Itunes, Soundcloud, & Facebook. Your life will be better and your friends will respect you. Oh yeah, Happy Bornday to me and to my brother from another mother Young Guru.

  • Young Guru is 18 ft tall? Who knew?

  • couple things FOX owns the FF franchise (currently). I am black and I think Jordan as the Human Torch is one a contrived effort also a play that is currently becoming popular with movie studios which is to announce these decisions knowing there will be controversy regarding the movie which in turn creates free promotion. Think every time we hear about Superman/Batman movie.

    Guru …. that guy is truly a FANBRO. everytime I hear him its obvious he knows what he’s talking about. The Star Trek breakdown was epic and I don’t watch Star Trek outside of the movies like that.

    On a side note just checked out Jean Grae’s youtube series “Life With Jeannie” and I must say outside of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” type approach (that I love) Donwill appearing with that hairstyle on episode 2 brought me to tears and unable to breathe.

    I give these last two episodes 4 flares

  • Maya Davis

    So many quotables and gems in this episode. Glad to see another person on Team Star Trek!

  • Therealconsole

    Dope episode guys. I knew young guru was a smart brother but he sounds like the forge of the rap game. I have to disagree with Tatiana with the whole Gal Gadot Wonder Woman pic. I don’t want her to get Swole like Chyna back in the day.

  • Samantha F

    I felt a combined sense of awe and hopelessness listening to this episode. Guru’s a genius and I felt like I needed a Master’s to listen to this episode. Well done.