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The FanBros Year In Review Episode

Year In Review

On The FanBros Year In Review Episode we take a moment to reflect on our first year in existence and all the greatness that comes along with it. Tune in for our top Movies Of The Year, The Best Of Comics I Copped, what Television we thought needs to get another season, and of course the best in Benhameen’s Butchering Of Names. Thanks to everyone who supported us in this first year and get ready for even more amazing things in 2014. Its The FanBros Year In Review Episode, and we haven’t even celebrated our first anniversary yet. We’re just getting started over here folks.

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  • Samantha F.

    Happy New Year, Fan Bros! This episode was so much fun and brought back so many memories of guests and discussions and general awesomeness. It is weird to think that this forum didn’t even exist prior to 2013, but I am grateful to have discovered you and been a bit player in the bros-sphere. While I miss Jaime, Chico Leo, and Matt Raz, the show is still my favorite and I’m going to continue to support the team.