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X Men: Days Of Future Past Preview Episode (FanBrosShow No. 51)

X Men

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X Men: Days Of Future Past drops this Friday so we here at FanBrosShow are going to break it down to the very last compound just for you. Benhameen, Tatiana, and Chico Leo converge to give you the ins and outs of the newest film and the comics that inspired it. Not only that we give our views on Godzilla, we review the first half of Game Of Thrones latest season, plus Chico discusses the greatest sports movie of all time. Plus the latest in tech news, what comics you should be copping, and everything else that is great in the world today. Is X-Men going to be worth you putting your hard earned dollars down on? Will Bryan Singer return the franchise to greatness or will this be a sequel worse than X3? Anything is possible so sit back with the FanBros, hope for the best, and enjoy the latest episode.

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  • Dez

    Been hearing good reviews for X-Men, definitely gonna check it out.

  • Samantha F.

    I’m gonna need your Jem hating to cease. She was EVERYTHING when I was in grade school and I still have my Jem thermos and lunchbox.

  • earthshaker1217

    The movie was superb to me. However, some of the deaths were a bit much, some of the lines fell flat to me, and some of the moves Mystique had were a bit much. (Did she really need to somersault when knocked out Magneto?)

    But other than that. I still loved the movie and can’t wait for Age of Apocalypse.

    P.S. X2: X-Men United was one of the best movies until this came along.