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SlamBros: WrestleMania 33: Not For The Fans (PODCAST)

Slambros: WrestleMania 33, Not For The Fans

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially on the road to WrestleMania. In the weeks leading up to the Rumble we had no idea what Vince was planning for Orlando, but these latest rumors make it appear WrestleMania 33 is not for the Fans. The Slambros, Boman12l and Illa YC, return for the 22th 18th episode to try to make sense of these rumors.

Not even a day after the Royal Rumble, rumors of a supposed WrestleMania card set the internet a flutter. Excitement for the big show once again turned to apathy, After a year of signing some of best talent the wrestling world had to offer, rumors report many of top signings in mid card matches or having no current plans at all? Roman Reign is once again getting top billing, with Vince convinced a “Dream Match” with a Legendary Superstar is all Roman needs to get people behind him. What’s in store for the best friends Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? Will we finally see a break up or will their friendship last all of eternity? Is WWE crazy enough to go with John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Mania or does the blue brand have something else planned for the WWE title. The Slambros breakdown all these rumors while trying to figure who this rumored card is for if not for the fans.

Not to be forgotten, Elimination Chamber is this week and the Slambros have predictions for the Smackdown Live PPV. Is Cena really walking out the Chamber with the belt or will Randy’s real WrestleMania challenge be reveal on Sunday? Nikki Bella and Natty having been going at it since Survivor Series. Will the other Bella finally get her revenge on Natty? Yes most likely, but we can still speculate wildly about how it might happen! The Slambros have predictions for all these and more inside, so stay tuned!

02:27 Diggin’ in the Dirt WrestleMania Rumors
40:41 Elimination Chamber Predictions

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