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The Where In The World Is BenHaMeen Episode (FanBrosShow)

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The Where In The World is BenHaMeen Episode (FanBrosShow)

On the first episode of 2014 Tatiana & Kimson try and figure out where in the world is Benhameen, plus we launch our newest segment “The FanBros Advice Segment”. Top it off Tatiana breaks down the news from CES 2014 and we give our Oscar predictions. RIP Run Run Shaw. Subscribe to us on Soundcloud!


  • the thing that scares me about Robocop is more that it is an action/sci-fi flick that is being released in February. those genres of films that are released from Jan.-Feb. usually always feel like they don’t go the distance to be great. Same with August films which is my only concern for Guardians Of The Galaxy