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Why Did Macklemore Win? The Advice Episode Feat. @DonWill (FanBrosShow)


Why Did Macklemore Win


Why Did Macklemore Win? is a question that we are all asking ourselves this week so the FanBros decided to invite DonWill on the show to discuss the controversy. Of course we couldn’t spend a whole episode talking about this nonsense so we debuted the first edition of FanBros Advice and we discuss the ending of American Horror Story. Plus we talk to DonWill about Shouting At The Screen and we get the story of how Drake never put out his Tanya Morgan collaboration records. Hurts when breathe. Finally we announce the contest winners from last weeks Khary Randolph art contest and announce our NEW contest from Kano! I could tell you who won right now but then you wouldn’t get the greatness of this episode! So press play FanBros and thanks for tuning in!!!

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  • Samantha F.

    Okay, so many points to cover.

    1. The fact that this show mentions Devin the Dude makes it perfect (Boo Boo’n used to be on heavy rotation at my place).

    2. Thank you for answering my question. I will be working on my papier mâché dragons over the weekend and ordering my ‘Winter is Coming’ t-shirt.

    P.S. Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister are the other heads of the Targaryen dragon (not a spoiler, just an assumption).

    3. Thank you for not just coming completely unglued about the whole Macklemore-Grammy crap. I mean, until the Grammy voting laws change (lifetime voting privilege should be shortened to 15 years) there will continue to be these injustices.

    3. Not watching True Detective but will now!

    4. AHS:Coven fell off after they came back from the Christmas break. A lot of the characters personalities did complete 180’s and they were making dumb moves…yeah, it was just a cluster**ck at the end.

    5. Dave Chappelle references all day.

    6. “I’m a sensitive guy” followed by a loud guffaw…best moment of the show. Plus the Drake back story was funny.

    7. Shouting at the Screen sounds like the most fun I am not having and Soul Vengeance (Welcome Home Brother Charles) sounds classic.

  • for some odd reason everyone thinks Michael Bay is directing this TMNT film. He is not he is a producer or involved in the way Nolan was involved in Man Of Steel. Making Transformers and TMNT in the same year is not possible.

    Also I can’t fault Don Will on watching network for comedies. Network has a harder time making dramas but comedies have always been a constant for network television. They are easier to make.