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FBS Special Delivery: Who Is The Yellow King Episode?


Who Is The Yellow King Episode


Who Is The Yellow King Episode

FanBros Special Delivery returns with our usual coverage of The Walking Dead & True Detective. The latest episode of  The Walking Dead is entitled “Claimed” and we speak on the Michonne & Carl connection as well as Glenn playing the role of the resident dick of the week. True Detective continues to boil over as we only have two episodes left after last nights “Haunted House” episode and the Fanbros speak on what maybe the most important sex scene in the series run. Tune in, like us on Facebook, and subscribe on Soundcloud and Itunes.


    I just watched last weeks episode of The Walking Dead. You guys talked about the the red shirt being the one that came back as the zombie. It wasn’t the red shirt. it was the SofA (lol. thought that was funny) that rick choked out in the bathroom. If you remember when Rick was under the bed the red shirt was still breathing. The one guy that took the bed just put him to sleep. fast forward…. when rick finished chocking out the guy in the bathroom he cracked the door. for that guy to wake up in zombie mode. Yes he did plan that. but I just wanted to point out it was the bathroom SofA not the Red Shirt SofA.