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WATCH: New PowerPuff Girls Theme & Full Main Title

You can count us in the list of people eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season of Powerpuff Girls (presumed for a Spring 2016 release in the U.S.; April 4th in Latin America/Brazil, and between March 28 and April 16th in the U.K.). The newly reimagined theme song, titled “Who’s Got the Power”, for PPG has been released and we’re happy to say it falls right in line with the PPG universe. Watch the extended title intro/music video below:

The new theme song, performed by Tacocat, offers a punk-rock feel with pop-bubblegum undertones that work in concert to bring an updated, yet comfortably familiar feel to the PPG title music. They’ve kept pretty much all of the original visuals of the opening theme with some animation adjustments and reworked the coloring and style. Overall, the main title looks great! We’ve already seen a clip of the first episode Don’t Call Me Princess and if that’s any indication of how the series will flow–long time fans will be extremely happy.