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We Want You And Your Voice: Welcome To FanBros.com 2017

FanBros stands for For All Nerds & in 2017, we’re going to need you to help us expand upon that.

Alter Negro

We here at FanBros.com have been building a platform for those who have felt like the outsiders of a genre made of outsiders. We’ve fought for inclusion on the airways, message boards, social media, major events and shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of you. We’ve poured our hearts out with stories of our journeys, failures, successes and our overall goals.

But, in 2017, we want to hear about YOU.

FanBros.com has in the past been a site for headline news, editorials, previews and even breaking exclusives. But, none of that would mean anything if it weren’t for our community. The idea of being in a fringe category of a fringe culture isn’t easy for anyone and we want to know the story of what makes you.

We want to hear what gets you up in the morning. What movies/games/franchises are you a diehard for and why. What hardships do you face? What was a victory in geek culture that makes you proud, to this day, and how has it personally effected you? At such a critical time when the world requires those who aren’t afraid to make their voices heard, what makes you a FanBro.

When I began writing for the site, I was just hoping to get news of E3 2016 on the site, because there wasn’t enough strong coverage on the net. I gained the mentoring of our editor and Scream Squad hostess, Jamie Righetti, and was quickly open to the world of journalism. With positive response from the community, I began just expressing the things I knew from my point of view the best that I could. And while I’ve continued on that path, I realize that this is all bigger than me. That there are other stories and voices that need to shared and published. It doesn’t matter if that voice is Black, White, Brown, Asian, Trans, Homosexual, Handicap, Depressed, Lonely, Lost, etc. We want to hear it and we want to provide you with the platform to express it.

We’re not expecting anything from you. These are your stories above everything else. If you aren’t experienced in writing and may need to create a draft first and then have it polished, I will help with that, just as Jamie guided me. We only ask that you remember that we are a site of inclusion, inspiration and empowerment of ALL cultures and that will NEVER change. We do not attack the defenseless. We check our sources. And we bring honesty and compassion to our audience in an age of cynicism.

If you have a story you need to express OR you want to try your hand in geek journalism and would even like a bit of guidance for what kind of article you’d want to make: Let us know. We’re in this together.

Welcome to FanBros.com 2017.

Submissions and inquiries can be sent to Mellow@Fanbros.com. And be sure to follow us at @FanBrosShow.