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The Walt And Jesse BreakUp Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


Walt And Jesse Breakup


The Walt And Jesse Breakup Episode of FanBrosShow is a doozy folks. Chico Leo and Tatiana King convene to discuss Jesse finally giving Walt the old heave ho, as their relationship goes from tenuous to outright straight up and down beef in the “Rabid Dog” episode of Breaking Bad. Walt and Jesse breakup like Taylor Swift and her latest celebrity crush, but instead of writing a hit song about it Jesse just attempts to burn Walt’s house down. Hilarity, or tragedy depending on your point of view ensues. Chico also speaks on Hell On Wheels, Tatiana breaks down The World’s End the new Simon Pegg film and all the comedy and craziness that you’ve come to expect from The FanBros.

  • Wait the psychologist was robocop?

    Mind blown

  • Samantha F.

    I’m gonna need the whole team to come back together soon. There is a marked difference between Chico when he is solo and Chico with anyone else. This was a fun special episode where last week’s was kind of melancholic.

    • More Chico-pedia is always dope

    • Thanks for the feedback, Samantha. We try our best to have eps where the whole team (or at least half the team) is together. We’re running all over the place trying to bring you guys news and info so sometimes our schedules don’t align :).

      Thanks for continuing to be a loyal listener!

      • Samantha F.

        I know you all have differing time commitments and especially with you being a newlywed, I understand that it’s hard. But you have to admit, Chico by himself sounds like a private detective from some old noir film. Even if it is just one more person, he sounds a lot more enthusiastic.I will listen, either way, but when it is the whole group, that’s when the magic happens.

        • DJ BenHaMeen

          LOOOOOOL!!!!! Ever seen Hollywood Shuffle???

        • I woulda said Dick Tracy but sure….LOL

  • Dutchmaster23

    why aren’t these on iTunes????????

    • Dutchmaster23: We’ve been having some issues with our iTunes uploads since last week. We’re working hard to get it fixed.

  • Fred

    You guys should get on Stitcher. It’s popping