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TRUTHINJOURNALISM – A Venom “Bootleg” Film By Adi Shankar


Fighting Spider-Man & Vampires requires one to stay in top physical shape.

TRUTHINJOURNALISM is the second passion project by director Adi Shankar. After covering the Punisher in his first fan film Dirty Laundry he decided to take on Venom. His casting of Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock is spot on, and the script and documentary style directing keep you wondering how true will this stay to the original character. The film is based on a Danish movie Man Bites Dog and also references American Pyscho but you don’t need to know any of that to enjoy it, just know that this might be the best interpretation of Venom outside of the comic books ever. That’s not even to slight Topher Grace I actually thought his slimy version of Eddie was the best part of Spider-Man 3. I know that’s not a high bar to set but Ryan makes Eddie the grimy ambulance chasing journalist I always thought he should be. Make sure you watch the movie all the way to the end for the big payoff, and stay after the credits for a great cameo from another psycho of the Marvel universe.


  • Samantha F.

    This should be a full length feature. Ryan Kwanten is so talented (that accent was great) and the way it is shot just gives it the intimacy an anti-hero movie needs. At the end of the day, most villains wage an internal war that just doesn’t translate in these blockbuster movies, but if you can scale it back and really explore some of their motivations, I think the audience would respond well. It also doesn’t hurt that the music and dirty alleys added much needed grit to the overall mood (Glen Frey, Miami Vice? All I need is intro to “Sweet Freedom” to be blaring during the quick cut montage scene). Excellent Job fellas!

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