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FBS Special Delivery No. 17 – The True Detective Finale Review Episode

True Detective Finale Review

What are you gonna do now man?

The True Detective Finale Review is the one we have all been waiting for on FanBrosShow Special Delivery as we have been hyping this show since it first premiered on HBO. “Form And Void” is the last episode of True Detective’s first season and it did not disappoint in the slightest. We also cover the latest episode of The Walking Dead entitled “Alone”. Plus listen for our wrap up on what we are looking forward to watching including Game Of Thrones, Resurrection, and many more. Kimsonian also continues his hype of Helix and Benhameen wonders what he’s going to do with his life now that True Detective is over. Subscribe on Soundcloud!!

  • I think The Walking Dead is doing something smarter than we think. The episode ya’ll hated “the redneck redemption” LOL! There were dead people in the country club that were not killed by head shots. take for instance the dead woman the girl got her yellow sweater from. In this past episode you had the dead folks in the funeral home but they did not seem that they had been dead long. Also as a reader of the books I know when the book issues are light and “dull” as you guys say the shit is about to hit the fan. They do this in the show too.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Been reading the book since issue one. The show is okay, but its nowhere near the book to say the least.

      • no its definitely not as good as the book but they are following scenarios not just stories of the book so I don’t get bothered by the set up episodes. I expect them