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Top Three Comics I Copped – January 22, 2014




In the first edition of Top Three Comics I Copped I’m going to give a shout out to three of the comics that I copped this week, whether I bought them in the store physically, was given a review copy, or I picked it up skimmed through it and figured it wasn’t worth the price of a Value Meal. You know the kind of comic, the one that you can finish before you leave the bathroom and feel a greater sense of accomplishment from relieving yourself than you did from reading the issue. So with no further ado or toilet jokes let’s get right to the issues:


Top Three Comics I Copped


Full disclosure, the first comic I was offered to review ahead of time is Chew so you’ll be seeing a lot more inside information on the book as it reaches it’s ending with issue 60. That’s right Chew is a series that has a predetermined ending which while isn’t that rare is at least refreshing. Now if you aren’t reading Chew you need to stop with this review and go grab it because I’m about to spoil a major character’s death right now. Toni’s demise and Jedi mind trick return were two of the saddest and happiest moments in the series for me so the ending of this issue was another happy moment as Toni’s story isn’t quite done yet. Olive also has a great moment as we see that her Cibopathy powers are on another level from her father’s. All in all another great issue of Chew with the weirdness ramped up to eleven in this one and as we head into the last twenty issues more questions about the alien script are raised and yet it seems that finally like we might get some answers in the next few issues. Shouts to Jon Layman and Rob Guillory as well as Taylor Wells on the colors who did a bang up job with the alien worlds. One last note, I bought the first few issues of Chew and while I liked it I stopped reading after those initial issues. A little while into the run I came back to the series after the word of mouth got out of control and I’ve been reading ever since. So if you start with the first few issues and it doesn’t immediately grab you hold on as it gets much better and much much weirder.





Top Three Comics I Copped


The funniest thing about this comic is seeing the Marvelman name replaced by Miracleman in a comic book that is now being reprinted by Marvel Comics. In case you didn’t know this is a reprint of the classic comic book Marvelman written by Alan Moore with art by Gary Leach. The second funniest thing about it the story is credited to The Original Writer per Mr. Moore’s requests. I won’t go into the legal battle to bring this comic to republication but suffice to say Alan Moore isn’t quite happy with the outcome. It’s a shame because Miracleman is one of the best comic books. Ever. I had to hunt down a bootleg copy on the Internet a few years back to read the whole story but if you haven’t then head down to your comic store and pick it up. There’s a lot of extras in this issue that make it worth your dollar even if the main story is only getting started to say the least.


Top Three Comics I Copped


No lie this time the cover got me. Well not specifically this one ayo but the previous issue cover and the general design sense of the All New X-Factor got me to pick up the first issue. You have to give Peter David credit, when he writes a title he writes a title, I mean he has been writing X-Factor on and off since I was a wee lad with a million different variations on the theme of the second class X-Men. This time out Polaris is leading a team of corporate sponsored mutants who so far include Gambit & Quicksilver. The first issue had me hyped to speak about it even with it’s somewhat tired theme of a corporate sponsored team of superhumans but the second issue reminded me that this is a Marvel comic, with a generic superpowerful enemy defeated in one issue with no real consequences or impact. Imagine one of the weaker or should I say typical episodes of Agents of SHIELD and you get the point.


  • YC

    I still haven’t checked out Chew, but will probably grab the trades.

    I actually own the original MiracleMan/MarvelMan #1 and another issue in that series. It was a great and unexpectedly adult take on super heroes that was also quite a personal story versus a “save the world” story.

    I’ve collected X-Factor since Peter David first started writing ’em (as evidenced by the HUUUUGE attack I’ve been bagging and boarding), and this is the first time I have not been interested in reading their adventures. The concept and art style are very off-putting to me. Perfect gif!

  • Therealconsole

    On your suggestion I copped the first 3 issues of Sex Criminals and It’s fire. Matt Fraction is really killing it. This and hawkeye are awesome.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Damn sure is, Hawkeye is one of the best books in forever and yeah Im hooked on Sex Criminals as well.

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