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This week’s episode of Ray Donovan:

Van Miller’s hallucination’s while subtle at first, provided great comic relief as they progressively became weirder.

Ray’s surprise visit to the limo driver was an unexpected solution to the Deonte Brown fiasco.

Marvin Gaye Washington continues to be a problem for the Donovan children and it probably won’t end well when their parents get a hold of him.

Jon Voight is playing THE HELL out of his role as Mickey Donovan!

“This house smells funny.” “Yeah, I wonder what that is …”

Ray once again demonstrates that he is not to be trifled with or investigated by the Feds, but Van Miller obviously isn’t one to back down so easily.

the confrontation between Donovan Father and Son served to further create a rift between Ray and his children. The gravity of the moment was emotionally heavy and served as an excellent crescendo for the build-up over the last couple of episodes.

The result of that confrontation was very revealing about Ray and the limitations of what acts he’s willing to perform, taking Ezra’s first solution off the table. Ezra’s second solution is what looks to bring the oft mentioned, Sully, into the series in the form of a snow white haired James Woods.

Ray Donovan just continues getting better.

  • CeCi

    I don’t think I’ll be able to take Sully seriously simply because of Family Guy. I don’t know..we’ll see! Also, I feel as if I’ll soon hate Ray because clearly he is racist.