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The Scandal Review Episode – It’s Handled (FanBrosShow)

The Scandal Review Episode

The Scandal Review Episode


The Scandal Review Episode? I wonder how many Fanbros out there just threw there arms up and said well I guess these guys have sold out. I would tell them all wait! We haven’t sold out! Not yet at least, trust me when we do sell out you will know. But for real Scandal is a good show and we would be remiss if we didn’t at least give it some coverage. Plus it’s got Miles Dyson in it so that can’t be a bad thing right? Well worry not as we also bring you our final? Breaking Bad coverage, plus the return of Comics I Copped & Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week! Also this week we debut our very own Soundcloud page and we get you hyped for next week’s NYC Comic Con!!! Let’s go!



1. What are your favorite neglected TV Series, Films, Comics or any Media?

  • Alex R

    Scandal is definitely not Fanbros worthy. You guys constantly neglect and shit on Sons Of Anarchy which at least has several actors who have contributed to geek culture. And its a good show with a huge cult like following unlike Breaking Bad which was a bit hyped up by the bandwagoners. Can we just bury that show already. It was great and now it’s over. Let’s move on with our lives.

  • Great episode, guys. I don’t watch Scandel but it was all over my twitter feed. I think you should cover it. I loved Warrior. They should have promoted it as a story of two brothers and not a UFC type movie. I definitely shed a thug tear. I have a problem with this weeks of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lots of cliches like the Peruvian rebellion, a pyramid and the hot Latina was merely eye candy. It felt a little racist. I guess because I’m Spanish it made me feel a type of way.

  • sean

    you guys should jump on the ray donovan that show needs more its going be next big clut show for sure

  • GRANDfathercloc

    neglected T.V. show (even though I saw it late) Firefly. Dope show but only one season. Also the cartoon Exo Squad I hate how they left us with a cliffhanger and never continued with what happened same thing happened with Space: Above and Beyond one season that didn’t finish the story. To me Space was like the live action parallel of Exo Squad.

    • Samantha F.

      I always hear about Firefly, but I have never seen it. Since the run was short, I might have to check it out this week. Thank you for the recommendation.

    • juancito86

      I agree the Space: Above and Beyond was a show that really shouldn’t have been cancelled but I’m biased because my Dad was cast on the show and like three episodes later it was cancelled ( womp womp womp music here). 7 Days was interesting to but the characters were cookie cutter, and the writing sucked after the initial episodes.

  • juancito86

    As for whether Scandal is FanBros worthy, I don’t know. I was hating on Disney’s attempt to draw viewers back after bombarding people with all those damn familyesque type shows, but Scandal made me a believer. I think the writing is excellent (Kudos to Shonda Rhimes). The characters are diverse enough to appeal to a wide range if backgrounds and it keeps you interested in main characters whose backgrounds still haven’t been fully revealed even though this is the 3rd season. The way that Huck’s background was slowly revealed and his character was built up to be much more than just some quiet top level hacker who doesn’t talk much because of underdeveloped social skills solidified my interest on finding out about the rest of the gladiators. If he’s that interesting, then when they reveal Columbus Short’s background, it should be epic. If you’re a fan of intrigue, and political drama, you might want to keep tabs on this show.

  • Anonymous

    Most people think of live action series, but I’m going to go with cartoons, such I watch them so much. I can off the top of my head think of a few shows that should not have been cancelled. The first on my list is Justice League Unlimited, followed by Young Justice, Batman, The Animated Series, and Teen Titans. Let’s not forget Static a Shock, which I truly believed would be merged with the Justice League one day , but alas, only two collabo episodes.

    • Samantha F.

      Oh my goodness, CARTOONS! I could go on and on about the early Nicktoons lineup (Rocko’s Modern Life, Invader Zim, Doug, Ren & Stimpy). Cartoons rarely ever get their due because it is automatically considered kid’s fare when in reality, a lot of cartoons were never meant for kids to understand. Even old school WB stuff is way too racy for kids (Red Hot Riding Hood).

  • YC

    If we’re going cartoons, Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men would top my list along with Young Justice. Justice League Unlimited still had stories to tell but I can understand that series cancellation, I’d rather they just use the new animation style and relaunched the series though.

    • Wow, I forgot about cartoons. That Green lantern series DC had, was so good.