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FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Three – The Precious Few



The Precious Few is the third in our first series of FanBros Originals, a line of creator owned comics. The first series in the line is Fearless Future, a group of stand alone tales that all tell stories with a science fiction and futurist theme. The Precious Few is written and illustrated by Derek Fridolfs and Kenneth Elliot Jones, who just together wrote issues 56-58 of the Legends of the Dark Knight digital series. Fridolfs alone wrote the Arkham City tie-in comic for over fifty issues plus the upcoming October’s issue of Detective Comics for Villians Month, not to mention all the inking work Derek has done with his longtime  collaborator Dustin Nguyen. The color art was done by Jesse Turnbull who is one of my favorite colorists in the game today and I’m sure you’ll agree after seeing the beautiful work done on this issue. The letters were done by Deron Bennet who lettered our very first FanBros Originals issue.

I have to say that even though I’ve loved every issue in the Fearless Future brand The Precious Few might be my favorite yet. The beautiful art and the ecological themed tale struck close to home for me and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Let us know what you thought of The Precious Few in the comments and don’t forget we are now accepting submissions for our next edition of FanBros Originals.


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  • Samantha F.

    The last panel kind of reminds me of Wall-E. It may seem like science fiction, but nature really does attack human for our transgression. Think of all the MSRA and other drug resistant, flesh-eating diseases you hear about everyday. While we may not be swallowed by giant Audrey 2’s, we are being attacked on the cellular level where we are most vulnerable.

  • Warmachine

    As always Fan Bros comes through thanks for shining light on the digital masses. Analog for life roll out.

  • Izzy G

    This comic is giving me afrofuturist masterpiece in the works. I love it.

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