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The Force Awakens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Review Recap)

The Force Awakens

The FanBrosShow returns with the official The Force Awakens review! This episode is years in the making as BenHaMeen finally has a new Star Wars film to talk about, Tatiana gives a surprising review of the film, and The Chico Leo compares Finn to Neyo from The Matrix. We speak on what we loved, what we hated, and what we could have done without in the new film. It’s the Good The Bad The Ugly review of The Force Awakens! You know your week isn’t complete without some FanBrosShow in your life! Tune in and hit us on the Twitter to give your thoughts on the film and our review! Happy Festivus to all of us!

  • Matthew Weise

    There is some evidence that Snoke is Darth Plagueis, Palpatine’s old master who had “conquered death”. That would explain why he’s impossibly old… and why Snoke’s theme is THE SAME MUSIC THAT PLAYS in that scene in Ep.3 when Palpatine tells Anakin about him.


  • I agree with you on Leia’s reaction to Han’s passing. I was expecting a little more angst. I mean this is the man who fathered your children & not only has he been murdered, he’s been murdered by your own son. Double loss. At least a heart clutch, a crying out, a knee weakening, something. The chemistry between those two was pretty low & I don’t know why. Even the dialogue seemed kinda stiff.

  • Marvin Long

    Great episode! I too felt like the Death Star 3 thing was perfunctory at best, and at times I longed for the film to slow down long enough to let the music tell the story. But I guess JJ had too much to do. Some more thoughts…

    I felt like Rey was learning the Force from Kylo Ren the whole time. He tries to mind-whammy her, she figures out what he’s doing and mind-whammies back, getting inside his head and under his skin. He yoinks Luke’s old lightsaber; she watches, learns, and yoinks it back. He uses the lightsaber with the Force; she watches and figures it out just in time. So she does with the Force exactly what we see her do with the Millenium Falcon and with her star-destroyer scavenging: learning and reverse-engineering stuff on the fly. She’s an intuitive genius with both technology and the Force, just like Anakin.

    Also, it probably helps what what she’s learning from Kylo the whole time is Dark Side power: the quick and easy way, as Yoda called it, where you harness the Force with anger, fear, and rage instead of insight and compassion. And although it saved her in the near term, starting with that experience might be a problem for her later on.

    As for Luke’s/Anakin’s old lightsaber: I have a feeling that only Maz knew that Maz had it. I suspect it was found in the trash on Bespin by some Ugnaughts, then traded through multiple hands over the years, with most people maybe not knowing whose lightsaber it was, until it finally landed in the stash in Maz’s basement, where it waited for Rey. (The Force working, as these things do, in mysterious ways.)

  • rpawson

    Really loved this episode, so much of what was bounced around in conversation between the hosts was really on the mark about the movie. I just want to add a couple of thoughts to the discussion points:

    – How did Rey fight Kylo Ren to a standstill without training? Consider that 1) Ren took a shot from Chewie’s crossbow, which was shown throughout the movie to be an incredibly powerful blaster 2) Ren was wounded by Finn in their initial lightsaber duel 3) Ren in his pitch to teach Rey in the ways of the Force probably caused something to click within Rey (a la Dooku taunting Anakin about not using his anger, and Anakin going “Oh, use it. Got it” and slicing off Dooku’s hands seconds later). So when Ren is pretty banged up from recent battle wounds and his arrogant taunting of Rey leads to his defeat, it totally fits for me

    – Han in this movie echoes Obi Wan in the first movie. Not in the sense of being a Jedi of course, but just in terms of guiding the everyman character/audience stand in through this universe. Obi-Wan’s death got a scream from Luke, some blaster shots, and some sullen dialogue from Luke before he started blowing away Tie Fighters and Death Stars. So Han just getting a scream from Chewie and Rey, some blaster shots, and some sullen dialogue from Chewie (presumably, since I don’t understand him 😉 ) is just another beat that matches the first movie. I agree with Leo that some kind of memoriam or acknowledgment of Han’s death (a la Qui Gon, or Padme) past of what we got would have been an improvement and a nice touch in the movie. But he got exactly what Obi-Wan’s death in the original got.

    It’s gonna be great when I can hear the Fanbros break down all of the upcoming Star Wars movies! Keep it up!