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The Brothers In Animation Episode – Guest Starring @Kimsonian (FanBrosShow)

Brothers In Animation

Brothers In Animation? On the latest episode of FanBros we welcome @Kimsonian to discuss Brothers in Animation, and we’re not talking about Tomax and Xamot. On the Brothers in Animation episode we conversate on what it takes for a person of color to break into the animation game, what it’s like for a young brother whose in the game, and why Family Guy will never rank up there with the Simpsons. Plus the usual news, comedy, and insanity that you expect from the crew. Brothers Gonna Work It Out. Time Code after the break.


0:00 – 12:00 – Introduction of Kimsonian to discuss animation and what he does in the animation industry.

12:01 – 20:00 – The top five animated series of all time.

20:01 – 32:00 The Monster Mash segment. We discuss True Blood (SPOILERS) and Combat Jack gives a quick no spoiler review of The Conjuring

32:01 – 36:00 – The 80’s Are Back. Discussion on Robocop, Bloodsport and the Leonardo Dicaprio’s Robotech

36:01 – 43:00 – San Diego Comic Con wrap up. Superman VS Batman!!!

43:01 – 56:45 – Discussion on the new Kanye West video game as well as Hip Hop vs the geek world.

56:46 – 1:02:30 – Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week

1:03:00 – END – Outro. Shouts to Dru Down.

  • Alex R

    I think Chico’s pick of the week should be called Netflix’s Pick of the Chic’ or something to that extent.

  • Samantha F.

    Another fun show with a great guest. I really don’t know a lot about behind-the-scenes people so I didn’t know who your guest was, but Mr. Albert gave some very revealing insights into the mechanics of content production. Also, two references to South Korea in one show? Be still my fangirling heart (Shawol forever)! I think this week’s question was probably the hardest to answer because most latch key kids were raised on cartoons so it’s hard to pick just five. So here are my top 10 and I will apologize now because I couldn’t ever get into much anime so there is none on my list.

    1. Ren & Stimpy – always relevent stylistically, culturally and otherwise.
    2. Liquid Television -The first cartoons I really considered “adult” and to me are kind of the gateway drug to Adult Swim
    3. Daria -The greatest thing to come out of MTV’s non-music programming and the reason I own the iMade Face app.
    4. King of the Hill – I live in East Texas and that show is reality t.v.
    5. The Boondocks – Loved the newspaper strip, but show was like watching a greatest hits reel of all the family reunions I ever attended as a child
    6. The Critic – say what you want about Jon Lovitz, but I lived for the reruns on Comedy Central back in the day
    7. Spongebob Squarepants – some things just can’t be explained
    8. Rugrats – Angelica is everything
    9. Rocky & Bullwinkle – this show was so smart in such a sly way and really is underrated
    10. Tex Avery – this isn’t really a show, but I stan for this man and I dare you to watch “Little Rural Riding Hood” and not giggle when she opens that door with her big toes.

    Lastly, I have a request. Sometimes I feel like less of a bro when I listen to the show because a lot of the comic book references are just not in my mental Rolodex. So much like a dealer looking to score new clientele, what are some hits you recommend to get newbies hooked in any category (anime, comics, superheros, etc…)?

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      For comics I recommend everyone read Invincible or Avengers (peep my new post!) if you like superheroes. Scalped if you like things like The Wire or Sopranos. Manhattan Projects or Chew if you like weird tales. The Walking Dead comic is better than the show.

      let me know if you need some more!

      Oooh this book Saga is really good so far, just won an Eisner.

      Also Y The Last Man is one of the greatest stories ever told.

      Anything by Grant Morrison.

      Okay Im done.

    • Ricky Choo

      Can’t pretend to be on the same level of these guys when it comes to comics, but I resumed reading them recently and I have to recommend Sleeper. It is a film noir set in a super hero world but without the campy aspect that you’d expect from such a setting. It is a very dark but very well told story(that is, until you and/or Tatiana chime in and list the 78454 reasons why in fact it is shyte 🙂 ). It is my favorite comic among all the things I have read.
      The Walking Dead comic is really good too. It takes you places where a TV show wouldn’t dare.
      Also, while I’m afraid of being stoned to death for saying this, I really liked Astonishing Xmen, but haven’t gotten to the end of it.
      Other recommendations: Fables, The Authority and Stormwatch, Crossed, Iron Man Extremis, The league of extraordinary gentlemen, Ministry of space, The Homeland Directive

  • Top 5 cartoons

    Batman TAS
    The Simpsons

  • Comics I would recommend are y the last man its just just an awesome story the art is great and the covers are really cool. If you’re into superheroes all star superman by grant Morrison is great also batman year one is the holy grail

    • Samantha F.

      Thank you for the cosign on Y the Last Man and Batman Year One. I remember Fan Bros once did a segment on the show called “Who did it best” on the Star Trek episode where they were talking about who did the definitive version of Batman and I remember hearing them speak on Year One. I wish they would bring that segment back occasionally because I want to read more comics, but there are so many and then the multiple versions and universes featuring the same characters just make the whole thing seem very intimidating.

      • Those are probably my favorite stories but I would throw in hitman and preacher. I love “who did it best” I wish they would do Spider-Man for such a classic character I dont know many of his stories.

        • DJ BenHaMeen

          Alright alright lol we shall bring it back!!! All Star Superman is indeed amazing. Perhaps my favorite Superman story ever.

          • Yeah all star superman was great grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are awesome together. Red Son was dope too Mark Millar writes some great stuff.